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International Meetup for those that loves to meet new people and socialize! 


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 Social & Language EngagE Aperitivo 


Tuesday May 2nd @8PM

Rec23 Emporio Club Piazza dell’Emporio,2


Rome Expats & Diplomats Networking Meeting

We wanted to announce what we already do and never called it that!!! We say Language Exchange or Network Mixer, but what do Expats in Rome really want when they come to our events? They want to meet others, make friends, and build their Social & Professional Network! Some people are not able to EngagE as easily as others. So we have 4 hosts dedicated to help you with that. Now keep in mind we are not miracle workers, Engaging works both ways!! See you on Tuesday. and don’t forget to reserve for our events here.

Expats in Rome Americans German work jobs network meetup

 Flirt AfterWork Works Aperitivo 

TUESDAY MAY 9th @8pm

Rec23 Emporio Club Piazza ell’Emporio,2   


Rome Expats & Diplomats Networking Meeting



Calling all Social Flirters to come out and take advantage of Networking with other Expats living in Rome. If you are busy like most successful people, than you have no time to waste going to the wrong places. There are plenty of Networks in Rome and you can start looking online to see which one can help you network for your needs.

We found a great article about Networking here and with great tips!! Look here

During our weekly meet up our Team will be helping you expand and find an impressive Network!! 

Remember our Happy Hour(S) are Networking Hour(S)

Don’t wait till you need a job or new business opportunities to Network!! Personal & Business Networking is important especially for Expats living in a New country. During our weekly meet up our Team will be helping you expand and find an impressive Network!!





We work hard to cater to our community and offer Expats in Rome more than a fun night of meeting new people.  When you attend your first event please let us know you are there for the first time in order to help you better and introduce you.  Every  Tuesday night we have  3- 6  hosts – 8 teachers – 55 Learners – +100 Guests to think about.  Please try your best to RSVP and if last minute send a whatsapp or sms to +393386771753

Contact info

Via della Lungara, 230, 00165 Roma