Day Trip: Marmore Falls | Le Cascate delle Marmore

The Marmore Falls, Cascata delle Marmore, are situated in the Valnerina near the town of Terni. The total height of the waterfall is about 165 m. It’s the tallest man-made waterfall in Europe!

Place is characterized by five itineraries to suit every need: easy-medium-high, its breathtaking views, as the tunnel leading to the balcony of the lovers, on the lower and upper balcony, where there is an observatory built by Pope Pius VI, the place is suitable for adults and children.

The Marmore Falls play a key role in the locals’ everyday life since 271 B.C. The town has medium sized hotels, trattorias, wide green fields to relax or pic-nic, and even a lake. From the ticket office to the first view of the falls, one has to walk hundreds of meters slightly downwards, winding through the residential areas of Marmore village. Water flows slowly from the Pediluco Lake before it suddenly throws itself from the cliff making a 167 meters dive: the Marmore falls.

To get a closer view of the falls from Lover’s Balcony, put on a simple rain coat, because there is a lot of vapor at this point. Past this point you reach another wooden balcony, which is more open than the one under shade situated lover’s balcony. For an optimized bottom-up view, follow this route downwards, past the Botanical Garden, and cross the small bridge on to the opposite side of the falls… a breathtaking view over the whole scene that is worth the efforts to reach it!

➡ 10:00 – METRO A SAN GIOVANNI – Via Magnagrecia 13 – in front Che banca.  (MAP)
➡ 10:20 – PIAZZA BOLOGNA 39 in front of the post office (MAP)
➡ 12:30 – Arrival at Le Cascate delle Marmore.

This is your free time to have lunch and enjoy the day with your fellow expats. You can walk through the falls, relax at one of the many lookouts, refresh yourself at the snack bars, buy some souvenirs and take lots of pictures. There are also picnic areas for dining with facilities where you can have lunch and relax enjoy the panorama that surrounds it, and do some souvenir shopping!

➡ 17:30 – Meeting point is at the shuttle bus. Please be on time. Use toilets before to avoid stopping on the way. It’s about a 2 hour drive.
➡ 19:15 – ETA back to Rome

€25 – EARLY BIRD TICKETS, €20 – Young Adults under 25, €30 – Online

INCLUDES: The ticket includes the return journey on one of our coaches and an excursion of about 2 hours within the park.

NOT INCLUDED: Entrance to the Park which is about €7.50.

It’s an adventure & nature trip and the length of the route of our excursion is 900 mt, altitude difference 150 mt. It is recommended to wear good walking shoes or trainers and a waterproof jacket.

Download the Map of the Park here

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