Sign Up for Day trip from Rome to Gardens of Bomarzo | I Mostri di Bomarzo

Parco dei Mostri isn’t as scary as it sounds, it is, however, wonderfully surreal. It is the vision of the 16th-century Duke of Bomarzo, Pier Francesco Orsini. Orsini was a patron of the arts, but was a ruined man after a devastating chain of events; he fought in a war, witnessed his best friend die and was held as a war prisoner for many years. When he finally returned home, his wife died shortly after. An expression of his grief and his state of mind, Parco dei Mostri was designed to shock its visitors.

➡ 10:00 – METRO A SAN GIOVANNI – Via Magnagrecia 13 – in front Che banca.
➡ 10:20 – PIAZZA BOLOGNA 39 in front of the post office.
➡ 12:00 – Arrival!
➡ 17:00 – Meeting point is at the shuttle bus. Please be on time. Use toilets before to avoid stopping on the way.

➡ 18:30 – ETA back to Rome.

Cost:  €25 – TICKETS (Pick-Up Only), €20 – Young Adults under 25 (Email us) , €30 – Online 

INCLUDES: Return journey on one of our coaches and an excursion of about 2 hours within the park.

NOT INCLUDED: Entrance to the Park (Children under age 4 are free, kids from 4 to 13yrs old Adults €8, Adults €11).

There is a bit of walking to do from Bomarzo to the Monster Park so bring good, sturdy shoes and an umbrella in case of rain.

Email us at: and let us know how many tickets to hold for pickup.

Numbers to save Patrizia +393386771753 or email:

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