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  • Running and Walking Tours in Rome

    ArcheoRunning want to entice more people to play sports and at the same time, to unveil unusual places, or places that are habitually experienced “absent-mindedly” in Rome. The added value is professionalism that guarantee a complete experience, in every aspect.   Who it is for: Everyone! We’re confident that art Read more [...]

  • Helen Kagan’s Healing Art

    Helen Kagan PhD, a holistic therapist and artist, is a creator of her unique multi-dimensional concept “Healing Arts” which she’s been developing for about 25 years. She has been one of the originators in creating Art with an intention to heal. This direction becomes more and more popular as people Read more [...]

  • Professional photographer

    Photographer based in Rome. Tailored photoshoots, tours and walks. Contact Monika now and she will take care of all your needs!   Why choose Monika as your photographer? She has been living in Rome for a long time now and knows all the best spots in the city! Want to Read more [...]

  • ARTandSEEK associazione for kids

    What We Believe In   CRITICAL THINKING Art is not only about art: children and adults can develop critical thinking, language skills, interpersonal communication and have fun at the same time, just by learning to LOOK and TALK about what they SEE in a museum. By addressing themes and questions Read more [...]

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