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  • AssistApp Roma – a free application that responds to all types of request for home services. An easy and free with no obligation app. A platform that offers you only the best Professionals for: home and family care, personal and elderly care, medical checkups and doctors.


    AssistApp Roma offers a wide listing of service providers in Rome. Register as a user/client or register and offer your services on AssistApp Roma.


    Looking for personalized services? AssistApp thanks to its telephone support team, helps you find the solution for every need.


    Are you a professional or do you have a company and want to offer your services on our app?  Email  to set up a verification check.


    Find verified professionals: Professionals you will find on AssistApp are selected through one-to-one interviews conducted by our staff. We do not use automated processes. We protect your safety and give the best services offered. 


    Free to use without obligation: You can make requests for free whenever you want whenever you want. No obligation to accept or select Professionals. You don’t owe anything to us at AssistApp, you pay the Professional directly for his service. 


    Assistance and protection: We protect all customers by making a careful selection of Professionals and, thanks to our call center, you can report any discrepancies.


    Two new services have just been introduced, which are in great demand by users in this period. The two new services respond to urgent needs immediate, such as the “emergency service” and the “custom service”.


    The emergency response service guarantees the resolution of the request within three hours, while the custom service is a customizable package of solutions for more services that the professional decides to entrust to AssistApp, which provides dedicated assistance from the AssistApp team.


    AssistApp Roma has recently activated ad hoc agreements with Badacare, House Assistance, L’Angelo Coop, Mamsitter Italia and Teleserenità: five relevant structures operating in the services sector dedicated to family care, medical assistance and the elderly. “We have decided to upgrade the sectors most requested by users, with the aim of increasing and matching between supply and demand, through our internal staff who physically respond to users and operators – explains the creator of the service – We are the App with a human face that provides assistance and contact with a real person who listens and transmits the needs expressed by the client to the professional e vice versa”.


    AssistApp Roma continues in its mission based on facilitating the needs of life, operating in open source mode, that is, accepting requests for new services to be activated, even more unusual. To this end, targeted surveys have been launched to soon cover other segments in the

    Sign up today. It’s easy, it’s free, it’s AssistApp!

    AssistApp is available on Google play and soon also on the App Store.


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