March 30th & 31st – BC meditation program

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  • This meditation program is unique. It is a pattern. It is a model which you are free to adopt as you like. It is not a follow-the-leader program, rather it is an invitation for you to create your own personal practice.


    Beatrice holds the belief that there are an infinite number of pathways and she merely hands out a map. Each of you will travel along the map by creating your own unique pathways. We all have our own path to travel and our own reasons for the journey, but we all encounter milestones that look familiar.



    If you are committed to your Personal Growth and are ready for the Next Level of Expansion this program is for you.



    As a teacher, Beatrice’s responsibility is to share who is she and what she has. As a learner, your responsibility is to choose your teachers and select what you need and what resonates from what they say.


    The program Beatrice has developed includes an abundance of information and exercises which are intended to encourage you to awaken to your own mastery- and she sees herself as that spark that can activate you into owning and proclaiming it.


    Program starts:

    March 30th – English version

    March 31st – Italian version



    Who is the Program for?

    The BC Meditation Program has been developed to serve:


    –> Those who are satisfied with their life but feel as if there is MORE to it.

    –> Those who want to experience a deep connection to the Divine and integrate the spiritual dimension to their health, relationships and work.

    –> Those who are ready to move into their Purpose for a life of New Meaning.

    –> Those who wish to enhance their Psychic Abilities to live new, heightened life experiences.

    –> Those who wish to embody their Personal Magnetism and gain the power to create the life they desire.

    –> Those who are committed to their personal growth and are ready for the Next Level of expansion.



    About the Teacher

    Beatrice Carafa is a meditation teacher, intuitive and spiritual coach. Helping people expand their lives to new levels is her priority. She teaches a complete online meditation program, runs bi-monthly meditation circles and offers intuitive coaching sessions and energy healings.


    Beatrice has received extensive training in Cognitive, Humanistic and Quantum Coaching, Spiritual Counseling, the Enneagram, NLP, Hypnosis, Mesmerism, MBSR, Theta healing, Thought Field Therapy, Transcendental meditation, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Core Light healing and Clairvoyant healing. She has developed her own unique tools and methods to help people break free from the binds of limiting beliefs and habits to finally feel empowered to live the authentic life they truly desire and deserve.