Sunday May 16 – A day at the lake (Castel Gandolfo)

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  • We planned a beautiful day at the lake and welcome everyone to join us! If you have a dog bring them along! It’s important that you read the details for this event to avoid questions already answered.


    If you have not been here then you will definitely adore Lago Albano and also take others there too! It will be difficult to get a group all together on the beach with Covid restrictions and Italians love this place too!


    Castel Gandolfo has several places of archaeological interest including the Emissario del Lago Albano and the remains of the Villa of Domitian. The area is included within the boundaries of the Parco Regionale dei Castelli Romani (Regional Park of Castelli Romani). There are also many points of artistic interest, such as the Collegiate Church of St. Thomas of Villanova, designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.


    When:  Sunday May 16 @11:00 till late and before curfew  (those depending on trains will arrive at 13:02) 

    Cost: €5 and comes with a sunchair

    Sun Chairs: €5 (we only have 15 reserved and 20 to 30 people are attending) You can reserve in whatsapp chat.


    MEETING AT TERMINI:  12:00 at Termini in front of Mcdonalds on the main floor same floor as the trains. We are taking the 12:21 train to Castel Gandolfo arrival at 13:02. (whatsapp chat for those taking train join here) Get your tickets online for 12:21 and coming back 19:51 that is what 15 others have done. Website for tickets with trenItalia 


    MEETING POINT in Castel Gandolfo:  Grapes Beer & BBQ, Via dei Pescatori, 7  00073 Castel Gandolfo. The owner TONY is also an Expat and now living at the lake with  Italian American, Steakhouse, Bar, Pizza, and Barbecue. You can also do Aperitivo here.  FACEBOOK: @grapescastelgandolfo · Gastropub


    From experience many want to join later or go before the time. You can do what you want the general idea is to meet at  Grapes Beer & BBQ and greet Tony the owner and he will let you know where we are.  The beach is directly in front of his restaurant, which keep in mind we need to use his toilets so please say hello to our connection in Lago Albano.  You can also stop for a beer or food if you want he offers a discounts.


    LUNCH: Bring your own food and drink. Some of us reserved for lunch at Grapes Beer & BBQ at 13:30, if you want to join us you can. You can reserve in whatsapp chat.


    How to get there and back: By train to Castel Gandolfo and walk down a steep hill that is beautiful spot to take pictures overlooking the lake. From termini it cost €2.10 ONE WAY and take 44 minutes.  (Give yourself more time to get back to the train station on the way UP the HILL to train station)


    What you can do for the day:  You can explore the area and take pictures, boating, bking and have an Aperitivo together at Grapes!


    How to join and find us?  You can join our whatsapp chat for this day here  (ONLY IF ATTENDING) once you join the chat post ( Name, Sunchair, lunch at 13:30 at grapes, how you are arriving)



    Kelly +1, YES sunchair, Yes Lunch at 13:30, arriving with car)
    Tom –  Meeting at termini at 12pm

    Pam – Coming when I want by car and joining lunch at grapes at 13:30

    Joe – By car and have space for 1 pick up at metro/street, I have no plans to be on time or book anything. I like to make no decisions.


    WARNING: Read full details otherwise you will enter the chat and annoy everyone with questions that are given here.


    We will send our location and help those lost.  You can also ask Tony at Grapes Beer & BBQ, Via dei Pescatori, 7 where we are as he will help us with finding a location and sunchairs.


    If you are interested in events like this one and other things we do it’s best to sign up for our newsletter. Our newsletter will keep you informed with events and information useful to you in Rome and throughout Italy.