Chiropratica Universale

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  • Chiropratica Universale provides gentle holistic healing right in the historic center of Rome.

    At Chiropratica Universale we use a cutting edge approach that gently develops your neuro-spinal integrity in a manner specific to your needs.

    Why neuro-spinal integrity?
    The spinal cord connects your brain to your body and to the world around you. The structures around the spinal cord provide a central support for everything you do. Together they both determine how you experience reality, and empower all of your actions.


    Did you know the condition of your spine is directly linked to the condition of your life in 5 important ways?

    – Physical Function: Neurospinal integrity physically supports and coordinates all other body structures.

    – Emotional resilience: Neurospinal integrity provides adaptation and emotions improve.

    – Sense of self: A strong, healthy spine is at the center of a strong, healthy you.

    – Decision making: With a strong body and mind decisions can look very different!

    – Connection:  Increased neurospinal integrity directly increases the quality of your connection with your life and the people in it.

    Your spine is central to the quality of life you live. With special attention and care the condition of your spinal cord can be improved. A healthy spine has neuro-spinal integrity, which is important if you want to live your best life.