Sunday June 6th – Sightseeing in Frascati & Aperitivo

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  • We are meeting in Frascati to sightsee, meet people, spend a day together and explore the area. We have also planned lunch and Aperitivo that are optional. There are limits to what we can do as a group so reservations are important.


    Villa Torlonia in Frascati, is a villa belonging to the Torlonia family in FrascatiItaly. The land on which the villa was built originally belonged to the Abbey of Grottaferrata, which donated it in 1563 to Annibal Caro, who commissioned a small villa where he spent the last years of his life. Villa Torlonia is open and free to visit.


    Date: Sunday June 6th

    Where:  Frascati


    How to get there: It’s easy to get to by train. Trains are every 2 hours and only 30 minutes link for tickets here. Before you buy tickets wait to see if someone offers a seat in their car. We are also carsharing.


    Do you have a car and want to give a ride? Enter in the whatsapp chat and introduce yourself and let us know how many seats you have and your location to see who is nearby.


    LUNCH and APERITIVO are optional. They are both held at Fire & Ice Piazza Mazzini, 6, 00044 Frascati RM.


    Lunch: Fire & Ice Piazza Mazzini, 6,  @ 13:00  and it’s a menu for €25.  If you have special requests let us know in the chat.


    A taste of fire & ICE tris appetizers (taste all three)

    Zucchini Flan on Pecorino Romano dop fondue

    Beef Tartar with salt, olive oil, mustard and capers, on a bed of sweet potatoes

    Fried meatballs on a bed of guacamole

    PASTA BIS (taste both)

    Pacheri with a cream mozzarella sauce, baked cherry tomatoes, pistachio and crispy guanciale

    TonNarelli with creamy pecorino romano dop sauce, crispy artichoke and crispy guanciale

    Main course (Pick one)

    Chicken supreme with avocado and teriYaki sauce
    Grilled entrecote with mixed salad

    1 glass of wine with each menu: Terre dei grifi frascati d.o.c 2019(13% Vol.) - Fontana Candida - Lazio. A bottle of water per table.


    Aperitivo: Fire & Ice Piazza Mazzini, 6,  @16:00 we still have to reserve for a tables and you pay for what you drink and eat.


    What to bring: Wear comfy shoes and camera.


    How to join and find us?  You can join our MAIN whatsapp chat for this day here  (ONLY IF ATTENDING) once you join the chat post ( you need or can give a ride)


    Meeting point for those taking the train:


    Rome Termini to Frascati

    @11:30 at termini and take train at 11:54 and arrive at 12:24

    @13:30 at termini and take train at 13:54 and arrive at 14:24

    Frascati to Rome Termini

    @16:15 train leaves at 16:36 arriving in Rome 17:06

    @18:15 train leaves at 18:36  arriving in Rome 19:06

    The last train is at 20:36 and give yourself some time to get lost or you will get stuck!


    WARNING: Read full details otherwise you will enter the chat and  miss the chance to get a ride.