Wednesday Nov 3rd- Expats Business or Startup Meeting

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  • Looking to connect to other Expats in Business or starting a business in Italy?

    We invite you to join our business meetings and get the information you need to know, and answers to questions you have about business or startups in Italy.  A financial consultant will be available to explain different tax codes to open and which one is best for you.  Someone on our marketing team will be available to speak to those looking for marketing tips and free resources available through our network. We want to focus on strengthening “Expats in Business” and also support new startups. Together we can strengthen the Expats network in Italy. If you are interested in information, learn and grow your business then this event is for you.

    Let’s meet new people, discuss Business and Bureaucracy on a beautiful terrace in Trastevere, an apartment on the 9th floor. If it rains we have an indoor meeting area with A/C and ventilation. 


    When:  Wednesday November 3rd @18:00 to 22:00

    Where: Community House Trastevere on  Via Portuense 104 (It’s a top floor large apartment with also a large terrace)

    Cost: €20  Full Dinner buffet + drinks

    How to participate? Send an email to: with confirmation. If you are attending the same day send a sms/whatsapp to Patrizia +39 338 6771753.  It’s best to reserve your spot.


    18:00 to 18:30 – Welcome drink and introduction. This should be the time that guests will get to know each other, share their interests and questions, problems and be ready for the meeting.

    19:00 to 20:00 –  Our business consultant will take questions and TALK about:

    We will TALK about Partita Iva Regime Forfettario, Regime Ordinario and Expats Incentives.
    We will TALK  about INPS, Gestione Commercianti and Gestione Separata.
    We will TALK about Camera di Commercio, Fattura Elettronica, Pec and Spid.

    20:00 to  22:00 – Buffet/Lunch or Dinner and more discussions and networking while eating and enjoying a nice glass of wine on the terrace. Business talk finishes up over lunch/dinner and wraps up the evening. Our consultant will be available for private or group discussions during the event.

    FREE resources and marketing with Patrizia Di Gregorio our founder and her marketing skills. She will help you connect to other businesses for collaboration, direct you in the right direction, give you contacts, troubleshoot, solve problems, help you get interns and referrals to other resources. Tips and tricks! She sometimes gives permission to use her paid tools, website and software for trails, tests and interests. She will invest her time, energy and money to get you started.  


    Can you attend only 1 event? Yes if you think you need it and have more questions.


    Can I attend more  business meetings to network and meet others? Yes, you can use the space at the same time as our meetings (limited to 10 people) Which means that if past attendees would like to meet AGAIN during the same time for networking mingle or brainstorming then yes this is exactly what we would like you to do.  Bring your laptops and bright ideas. We have blackboards, a copier, scanner and printer. Let’s get to business! The meeting for the 10  guests doing their first meeting will be separate from the networking mingle. In the future TOGETHER we can make business improvements.


    Can we meet at the community house on other days besides the times listed for business meetings?  Yes, you can either meet during the coworking  hours or send an email to make a special request.


    Can I set up a company with Expats Living in Rome network? Yes, we will be able to help you with the process and guide and assist you. We will explain what your liable for and the responsibility that comes with the partita iva you open. 


    I can NOT make the meetings can I still access the information? Yes send an email to  and let us know what questions you have and someone on our Team will schedule a FREE 30 Minute call with you.


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