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  • Institute of market research and statistical studies, pioneering supplier of Customer and Employee Experience Management focused on analysis, data mining and e-business solutions, is LOOKING FOR FRENCH, GERMAN, SWEDISH, POLISH NATIVE SPEAKERS!


    Work in your language without translation!




    • The activity consists of telephone interviews (NO sale!)

    The surveys focus on different topics depending on the research and the customer who requests our service. Generally this surveys are aimed to a “business” target, therefore managers of companies or sectors, on profiled lists (specific sample)


    • Work from home (HomeShoring)

    For the activity the Collaborator will be equipped with an our Laptop on which is installed a particular software for the management and carrying out interviews.
    (all shipping and telephone costs charged to us – no telephone line required)


    • Work from our office in Rome (Via di Priscilla 101) or Bari (Via D. Marin 3)


    • Project time and shifts

    depending on the research objectives (usually from 2 weeks to 2 months of work), the time slot changes, depending on the country to which the survey is directed (excluding SAT AND SUN).


    Workshift 9.00 am to 6.00 pm about

    You can also work part-time, trying to guarantee a minimum of 4 hours per day for project’s duration. The working hours are to be agreed, trying to reconcile your availability with business and research needs.


    • Type of contract and payment:

    Coordinated and continuous collaboration agreement (Assirm Agreement);

    Hourly Payment: FROM 11 euros gross per hour to 13 euros gross per hour, depending on the project

    Monthly Salary: on the 10th of the month following the one worked with regular pay checks, by bank transfer.


    OTHER REQUIREMENTS (in addition to the mother tongue):

    • ADSL (stable and fast Internet connection)


    To apply, send an email to: