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Rome, June 9 –  An Expat in Rome share here story about getting vaccinated without SSN – Sistema sanitario nazionale in ONLY 2 steps!

It is easy and fast to get vaccinated, it reduces your risk of getting sick badly and it immensely reduces your risk to pass on the virus. You can get vaccinated without being enrolled in the SSN during the open days.

I was just vaccinated against Sars-CoV-2 and Covid-19 with AstraZeneca here in Rome. I have no subscription at the Italian healthcare system (SSN – Sistema sanitario nazionale).

Step 1: I booked my appointment using the app “Ufirst” for the open week.

Step 2: I went there, filled in the form, and got the jab. I had to put down my personal information, contact details and my fiscal code (codice fiscale), I wasn’t asked to show any documents.

To book the vaccine: You must first download the UFirst app  (just download the application available both on the App Store and on Google Play). Once logged in, you can then choose your city (Rome) and identify the vaccination center where you can set the appointment and time for the injection.

Who can be booked?  Those born from 2003 onwards, i.e. adults.

To all expats:  I know that people before me have asked and others have answered, but I wanted to share my experience with all of you in a post so it is easier to retrieve this information.

On Sunday May 30 – A Dutch man walked into a convenience store on Via Cavour without a mask around 10 pm and started drinking soft drinks on display. The cashier noticed that the tourist didn’t have intentions to pay, so he asked for help from the nearby police that patrol in the area for anti-nightlife checks.

The military, identified the Dutchman and ordered him to wear the anti Covid devices but he – in response – tried to remove the mask worn by the carabiniere, and then attacking him. Once restrained, he was taken to the barracks and arrested for resisting a public official and fined for not respecting the anti-contagion rules.

Translated from Roma Today

Fire & Ice: In Frascati all flavors exclusively enclosed in one tower. Breakfast, lunch, aperitivo and dinner is ready for you.  A perfect day trip from Rome to Frascati with Trenitalia (one-Way) €2.10. Walking distance from the train station.

An extraordinary location in the heart of Frascati, an establishment never seen before at the Castelli Romani. From sunrise to sunset, breathless views overlooking Rome, embedded in the medieval tower which, centuries ago, protected the entrance “Granara”, one of the city’s doorways.

Fire & Ice: the fire for the stoves that light up the Italian gourmet cuisine, from breakfast to dinner. Ice for the cocktail bar that has been quenching thirsts with over 20 years of experience. The aperitivo with a magnificent view should be on our bucket list of things to see and do in Italy.  A gastronomical selection that becomes an experience of flavors and a sense of appeasement also thanks to the beautiful atmosphere of the 450 square meters shared on two floors plus the outdoor veranda.

Almost a month since the inauguration, Fire & Ice is already a success in such short time due to the ability to amaze with the elegant yet easy going hospitality of its halls and the sophisticated ambience. “The creations, say the owners, are all artisanal: we produce most of what we offer to our clients, including the homemade bread.”

From the risotto to the lamb, from the paccheri with burrata to the beef tagliata, to a vast selection of homemade cakes. All this with a list of Italy’s best wines. Let’s not forget the sweet or savoury continental or American breakfast that can be enjoyed on the veranda.

Where the tastes end the pleasure of the unique location begins, where the pleasure of the ambience ends the flavors start playing with the palate. More than 20 years of experience of American bartending are at your service for a taste of delicious cocktails and distinguished spirits from all over the world.

For information and reservations: +39 389 190 3272 Frascati, Piazza Mazzini 6 

Fire & Ice are on Instagram @fireandice00044 and Facebook

Some tips about buying a house in Italy. Some of them apply to both renting and buying.

1. Just like when looking for a rental property, it’s best to search on multiple websites and engage with many different estate agents/private sellers to find exactly what you’re looking for.

2. Remember that estate agents and sellers typically prefer speaking over the phone to communicating over email. You will get faster responses and more cooperation if you call.

3. Don’t be afraid of private sales (that don’t go through estate agents or realtors): they are still popular in Italy, and you might find some excellent bargains.

4. It’s a good idea to arrange for a ‘geometra’, architect, or engineer to do an official survey of the property (especially if you are buying remotely). This ensures that there aren’t discrepancies between the actual property and the cadastral surveys.

5. When you’ve found your new home, be aware that it may take some time for you to be able to move in. It can happen that properties are not completely ready to be sold, because the relevant documentation still needs to be sorted out or because the process to get approval for extensions or alterations hasn’t started yet. Unfortunately, sorting all this out may take weeks, or even months (!), so be aware of that and do not panic if it happens.

6. It is advisable to add a clause to your ‘offer to buy’ that specifies that your offer is subject to the property complying to the cadastral surveys and all the local regulations. This way, if something doesn’t go according to plan, you are entitled to have your money back.

If you need assistance with your move, you can contact us at info@expatslivinginrome.com 

Tom is sharing his story with other Expats Living in Italy how he successfully applied for the “Carta di Soggiorno” for his wife on March 19, 2021 in Florence!!

A “Carta di Soggiorno per Familiare di Cittadino Comunitario” is for spouses of Italian (or EU) citizens. It is better than a “Permesso di Soggiorno” because it lasts 5 years and then you can ask for a “Carta di Soggiorno Permanente” Here is some information which may help someone in the same or similar situation.

1. I'm an Italian citizen.

2. My wife is Mexican.

3. We rented the house remotely via email, and had a rental contract before we got here. Make sure that both of you are on the contract.

4. I applied for my cambio di residenza (from another comune), via email, 2 weeks before our move to Italy (I should have done it even sooner because it took 2 months, but I was afraid that they would visit the apartment too soon, but they did not).

5. We moved here on Jan 21st, 2021 from Tulum Mexico.

6. When we got to Florence, we called the questura (must be done within 8 days) and they told us to make an appointment through the CUPA Project (earliest was March 19).

7. NOTE: the CUPA project is no longer used in Florence. Currently you need to go to the questura in person Mon-Fri 7-9 AM to make an appointment.

8. In the meantime, I tried to get a codice fiscale for my wife, but because she doesn't have either a visa (not needed for her entry) or a stamp on her passport (our passports were never stamped because we drove into Italy), she can't get one.

9. I made 2 more unsuccessful attempts to get her codice fiscale and came to the realization that the only way would have been to lie and say that she was still in Mexico and show up with a delega.

10. I got an email from the anagrafe saying that they were starting to work on my cambio di residenza. Make a copy of this, it's important! 11. After about 2 months I got an email from the anagrafe saying that my cambio di residenza was essentially done. Make a copy of this, it's important!

12. Note that they don't issue a new carta d'identità or tessera sanitaria showing the new comune until your old one expires.

13. We showed up for our 9:30 "appointment" at the questura in Via della Fortezza 17. We had to wait outside until they called us and gave us a "G" number.

14. When our "D" number was called, they asked us for:

a. 4 photos.

b. 1 marca da bollo of 16 euro.

c. My wife's Mexican passport.

d. When she did not see an entry stamp on her passport, based on our experience with the codice fiscale, we gave her copies of our travel tickets and that seemed to work.

e. Copy of my wife's passport.

f. Marriage certificate. We had an estratto di certificato di matrimonio from Italy. Note: if the marriage certificate is foreign, it must be either multilingue or translated and apostilled.

g. My carta d'identita'.

h. Since my carta d'identita' is from a different comune, I had to show them a document from the comune of Firenze stating that I had applied and gotten a change of residency (apparently they don't issue new cards).

i. Proof of income (even though it is not listed as a requirement in their web site). We are retired, so I gave them a copy of my Social Security statement plus a letter from my investment company declaring our investment amount.

j. Stato di famiglia. We don't have one, but it didn't seem to matter. Maybe some of the other documents that she asked for were used instead.

k. Rental contract with my wife's name on it. (note: if the spouses name is not on it, then you need go to the questura and get this form filled out and signed: "COMUNICAZIONE DI OSPITLITA'/ALLOGGIO/ASSUNZIONE/CESSIONE DI IMMOBILE A STRANIERO/APOLIDE"

l. I signed a form that they gave us stating that I will support my wife financially m. I gave them a filled out copy of immigration modulo 209 and she kept it. She didn't act as if she needed it, but may web sites say that it's required. She did use it to copy my info like address etc.

n. My wife signed 2 forms that they gave her, one was a receipt, the other I didn't catch because I was filling out the support form.

o. My wife got her fingerprints taken at another counter, same visit.

15. We checked the poliziadistato.it web site and after 33 days it said that the carta do soggiorno was ready (note: this can vary from 1-8 months).

16. We went to the questura to ask for an appointment to pick up the carta di soggiorno. They gave us the carta di soggiorno instead of the appointment.

17. The carta di soggiorno included her codice fiscale.

18. We made an appointment by calling 055 545454 for her tessera sanitaria on 5/7/ 2021.

19. We gave them the following documents:

a. Copy of carta di soggiorno (front and back).


c. Marriage certificate. We had an estratto di certificato di matrimonio from Italy. Note: if the marriage certificate is foreign, it must be either multilingue or translated and apostilled.

d. The document from the anagrafe stating that my cambio di residenza was essentially completed.

e. My wife's Mexican passport f. My wife's codice fiscale g. Our address in Florence h. My wife's phone number.

f. Name of the doctor that we chose.

g. My Italian passport.

h. My carta d'identita' (they didn't need it) They checked to make sure that the carta di soggiorno said "CARTA DI SOGGIORNO DI FAMILIARE DI UN CITTADINO DELL'UNIONE".

20. They gave us:
a. A copy of her tessera sanitaria (original will be mailed to us).

b. A document with our doctors name on it. (the doctor will want a copy of this).

Bottom line, we are happy and pleasantly surprised. We went with low expectations and achieved much more. They asked for more information than what they have listed on their website, but luckily we had it.  Bring copies of all documents. They keep a copy.Luckily they did not enforce the 3 month requirement and they did not ask us to come back in one month. Be patient and don't get upset, but be persistent. There were a couple of times in which just waiting like they told us would have caused delays from being in the wrong line or just ignored.

UPDATE 05/2021:  We got the carta di Soggiorno today, it's for 5 years from the date of entry into Italy. It took about 33 days for the website to report tat it was ready and 1 week to get an appointment with the questura to pick it up. The CUPA PROJECT is no longer used for appointments in Florence. They had a terrible system for appointments until today. It took us 9 hours, but the silver lining was that instead of getting an appointment to pick up the carta di soggiorno, they gave us the carta di soggiorno on the same day.

Stories like this one help others overcome obstacles and learn from experiences. Please send us an email and share your story today!

Email: info@expatslivinginrome.com



New Dpcm, the yellow zones are back and the new “green certification” for traveling between the regions arrives. The measures, starting from April 26 as anticipated last week by the government, should be valid until July 31. Up to this date, in fact, the extension of the state of emergency Covid will be arranged, but the end of the curfew which remains at 10 pm is not expected. Here are all the measures of the new decree.

Restaurants, pubs, bars

From 26 April, restaurants will reopen in the yellow zone also for dinner, as long as they are outdoors.

Shows, theaters, cinemas

From 26 April cinemas, theaters, concert halls and live clubs will reopen to the public in the yellow zone. There must be pre-assigned seats and a distance of one meter from each other. The maximum capacity allowed is 50% of the maximum authorized and in any case not exceeding 500 spectators indoors and 1000 outdoors.

In relation to the epidemiological trend and the characteristics of the sites, it will be possible to authorize the presence of a greater number of outdoor spectators, in compliance with the indications of the CTS and the guidelines.

Sports events

From 1 June, in the yellow zone, events and sporting events of competitive level recognized as being of pre-eminent national interest are also open to the public with a provision of the Coni and the Paralympic Committee. The permitted capacity is 25% of the maximum authorized and in any case not exceeding 1000 spectators for outdoor facilities and 500 for indoor ones. For events of particular importance and taking into account the characteristics of the sites, it is possible to authorize the presence of a greater number of spectators.

It is also possible, even before 1 June, to authorize the holding of sporting events of particular importance.

Swimming pools, gyms and team sports

From 26 April in the yellow zone it is allowed to carry out any sporting activity outdoors, including contact.

From 15 May the outdoor pools reopen in the yellow zone.

From 1 June in the yellow zone the gyms reopen.

Fairs and congresses

The fairs will reopen in the yellow zone from 15 June.

From 1 July, green light for conferences and congresses.

Spas and amusement parks

From 1 July in the yellow zone activities in the spas are allowed and theme and amusement parks can reopen.

School and University

School: from 26 April until the end of the school year, classes are also returned to high schools (upper secondary schools). The presence is guaranteed in the red zone from 50% to 75%. In the yellow and orange zone from 70% to 100%.

University: from 26 April to 31 July in the yellow and orange areas, activities take place primarily in presence. In the red areas it is recommended to favour in particular the presence of first year students.

Transfers between Regions

From 26 April, travel between the regions in the white and yellow zones is allowed. People with so-called “green certificates” are also allowed to travel between the regions and the autonomous provinces in the orange or red areas.

Visiting friends and relatives allowed?

From April 26 to June 15, 2021, in the yellow zone, four people in addition to those already living together in the destination home are allowed to move to a single inhabited private home once a day, from 5 to 22.

People who move will be able to bring with them minors over whom they exercise parental responsibility and people with disabilities or non self-sufficient living together. The same movement, with the same hourly limits and in the number of people, is allowed in the orange zone within the same municipality. Movements to other private homes inhabited in the red zone are not allowed.

Green certificates

Can have the green certificate: those who have completed the vaccination cycle (lasts six months from the end of the prescribed cycle); those who fell ill with covid and recovered (lasts six months from the certificate of recovery); those who have carried out molecular tests or rapid tests with negative results (lasts 48 hours from the date of the test).

Green certifications issued by EU member states are recognized as valid in Italy. Those of a third country if the vaccination is recognized as equivalent to that valid on the national territory.


LINK is the innovative sharing electric scooter service launched in 2020 and designed by Superpedestrian, a leading micromobility tech company founded in 2013 by MIT in Boston (Massachussets Institute of Technology). LINK is the first company in the world in its field with completely vertical integration: from the design, to the production of the vehicle, up to the management of all operations.

voucher expats living in rome promocode discount code 10 euros electric scooter LINK replace bike cars bycicle

It is a product that is the result of years of research and test drives. No detail has been left to chance: design, software, technology and comfort have been studied and perfected over time. Today LINK is the safest, most durable and sophisticated sharing electric scooter in the world.

LINK after the boom in Rome you can now find “LINK’ in 30 cities

Car, public transport, bike: what to choose? On short to medium journeys in the city the answer is a scooter: the smallest, most flexible and agile vehicle that is in high demand during the pandemic.

But what is the secret of such success? It is simply called “security”. Designed in collaboration with MIT n Boston, the scooter that makes you dream of driving a Volvo, it’s a combination of technology and safety. Their recurring number of Link statistics in circulation in 12 cities around the world is zero: zero serious injuries on board; zero vehicle recalls or manufacturing defects and zero cases of excess or shortage of load capacity.

The secret of such efficiency is hidden under the platform that houses the computer that regulates all the functions, almost as if it were a Formula 1: if the scooter enters a prohibited area, (such as a pedestrian zone or a sidewalk) it clicks in a second the Geofence system that stops the vehicle. And always under the platform there is the efficiency control system that controls unlocking with the app, the autonomy control, communicates with the control unit for availability in all areas, controls the route and all the functions.


"Link" electric scooters: 10€ discount for Rome expats! 1But is it really useful to move with a scooter? The rental cost is decidedly democratic and the images of the managers running around the city are not only the result of marketing. Lightness and flexibility have transformed it into a strategic pivot of the modal split: the trend that will assert itself in the coming years is that of the so-called mixed use. For those who do not live in the central areas, movement by car, metro or bus and either by foot or LINK to get to  your destination.

Looking to buy a used one? Will be hard to find a second-hand market does not exist. Link scooters last 5 years and can then be recycled. Better to rent, just enough to get around.

What LINK wants to offer to the members of Expats living in Rome

Several totally free promocodes during the year with the pure scope to be grateful to the community and Patrizia Di Gregorio the founder for all the support given to the people that are arriving in Rome.


How to get your Free promo codes: Download the LINK Sharing Monopattini app and signup, go in the wallet area, enter the code ROM5189 and enjoy Rome on scooter! Promocode for 10€ and share it with your  friends.


"Link" electric scooters: 10€ discount for Rome expats! 2

It’s Not always easy being new to town, and looking for housing! Where to live? Is it legit? Public transport convenience.. and more on your mind! We hope our tips will help you find accommodations.

Tips on finding housing in Rome 7Cheap housing does not exist in Rome, especially if you want to live close to the city center. The average room costs from €400.00 – €550.00, that is in a shared apartment with others and without a private bathroom.  We suggest if not here yet and looking for a room, try to book a short term rental if possible so that you have time to find a place. Ask if you can extend the stay.

Where can you find a short or long term rental? 

Check our Facebook group posts Rooms & Apartments for Rent in Rome or Expats in Rome Noticeboard.

There are also some listings on our website, check them out here.

Try airbnb to be safe. Write the host on airbnb before booking and ask if you are able to extend the rental if needed.  If you are not a member of airbnb you can get a discount here


Which bills are included and which are not?

Electricity is not included for a reason. Expats usually, and especially from North America do NOT realize how expensive it is to take a shower everyday, leave the A/C or heat on while not home. Electricity bills can make your wallet lighter in no time. If you are paying for your own electricity look at the meter and find out how you used by taking down the reading on the meter and call it in before each billing cycle. This will help not getting a big bill by over usage! Even when you do try to save electricity by shutting things off while not home, the bill still can be pricey. Do you laundry on express cycle which is about 30 to 60 minute wash. Come on the washers as so small do you really think it takes 2 to 3 hours to wash them?

Tips on finding housing in Rome 8Do you need residency?

Ask before you move in if you can take up residency. Most homeowners are not willing to do this for renters because they are not paying their taxes. Why wouldn’t that surprise us? If you are a not an Italian speaker and you are about to sign an Italian contract you must follow this piece of advice by Legal Assistance

Doorman? If you can find housing with a doorman that would be great. Not every building has one and definitely helps getting your packages and mail. Did you know some ebay and Amazon sellers refuse to ship to Italy? Why? Packages are always being lost or should we say STOLEN?

You might see advertising for Rooms close to FAO, well connected and only 2km away!!! Use google maps, search the person’s email as well. There are many scams in Rome for rooms, and If you do find a room negotiate the price. Most Italians think that Expats can afford to pay more.

Tips on finding housing in Rome 9If you do want to find housing near FAO, then you can try these locations that are relatively close: San Giovanni, Piazza Tuscolo, Re di Roma, Colosseo, Labicana, Trastevere, Testaccio and Piramide. 

If you are looking for cheap housing but not too far from the center try Pigneto & San Giovanni which have become a trendy place to hang out. There is also San Lorenzo which is known more among university students and artists district.

Most anything can be found on google or facebook as long as you search for room for rent. Craigslist can be a trick. If you do use Craigslist make sure you search the email or images on the net. Do NOT send money before you are here unless it is a rental agency or trusted friend or contact.

If you find yourself in a situation where you’d like to get legal help, you can always reach out to legal@expatslivinginrome.com and get a consultation!

If you don’t want to stress out and willing to hire someone who’d do a house search, utility bills transfer, obtaining a residency, and anything that could ease your process of relocation for you – contact R-Home Relocation & Services.

Good luck!

How to get vaccinated in Italy without Italian health coverage 3

How to get vaccinated in Italy without Italian health coverage

Rome, June 9 –  An Expat in Rome share here story about getting vaccinated without SSN – Sistema sanitario nazionale in ONLY 2 steps! It is easy and fast to […]

Dutch Tourist arrested in Rome Fined for not wearing a mask 4

Dutch Tourist arrested in Rome Fined for not wearing a mask

On Sunday May 30 – A Dutch man walked into a convenience store on Via Cavour without a mask around 10 pm and started drinking soft drinks on display. The […]

Fire & Ice: An establishment never seen before at the Castelli Romani 5

Fire & Ice: An establishment never seen before at the Castelli Romani

Fire & Ice: In Frascati all flavors exclusively enclosed in one tower. Breakfast, lunch, aperitivo and dinner is ready for you.  A perfect day trip from Rome to Frascati with […]

Buying property in Italy: Tips & Challenges 6

Buying property in Italy: Tips & Challenges

Some tips about buying a house in Italy. Some of them apply to both renting and buying. 1. Just like when looking for a rental property, it’s best to search […]

All you need to know to obtain a driver’s license in Italy

Information on driving permits in Italy with details on applying for a learner’s license and registering for an Italian driving test.

The Italian driving license can be obtained after finishing a driver’s education course and passing a two-stage test: a theory test and a road test. An elementary-school diploma is also required to obtain a valid driver’s license.

In Italy, the driving license is a governmental right given to those who request a license for any of the categories they choose. It is required for every type of motorized vehicle. The minimum age to obtain a driving license is as follows:

–> 16 years for a motorcycle of 125cc with a limit of motor power of 11 kW; a quadricycle motor (cars with a weight of 400 kg – 550 kg if it is for freight transport) and a motor power not exceeding 15 kW)

–>  18 years for a car or a motorcycle without a limit for the engine cylinder capacity and a limit of motor power of 35 kW

–> 21 years for minibuses, three-wheelers without a limit of motor power, and cargo vehicles

–> 24 years for motorcycles without limits of motor power; buses

The so-called “patentino” (small driving license) was an Italian license given to young people with a minimum age of 14 years. This license permitted teenagers to drive scooters and “micro-cars” (small cars with a maximum motor power of 4 kW and a maximum speed of 45 km/h). In 2013, this was replaced with a new category of driver’s license.

Anyone found driving without a valid driving license may be subject to a fine. Car drivers in Italy must be at least 18 years of age, but licenses exist for residents under the age of 18 who wish to drive a moped.

Getting a Car Driving License in Italy

In order to obtain the Patente B a person must be at least 18 years old and be in suitable physical condition (a medical certificate is required for eyesight, mental health and physical condition).

The process for obtaining an Italian driver’s license is:

–> Pass a theory test (multiple choice, in Italian)

–> Obtain a learner’s permit (foglio rosa)

–> Practice driving

–> Pass a practical driving test (road test with instructor and examiner)

The Learner’s Permit

Learner’s permits must be applied for at the nearest Provincial Office of Motor Vehicles (Ufficio Motorizzazione Civile), which will issue the learner’s license. The foglio rosa is valid for a period of five months, and can be applied for by learners on the day after they reach the minimum age for the license category.  This means that a Patente B cannot be granted on the applicant’s eighteenth birthday, for example: it can only be granted the day after.

Requirements may vary from office to office, but in general, the following must be submitted:

–> Completed form MC 2112 MEC (available from Motorizzazione Civile offices)

–> Medical Health Certificate stating the applicant is of sound health and mind (provided by an authorised doctor)

–> Valid photo identification

–> At least one photocopy of an existing licence (if applicable)

–> Proof of residency (Permesso/Carta di Soggiorno) and photocopy

–> Three passport photographs that match the photograph on the medical certificate, not more than 6 months old.

–> Application fee

Learning to Drive in Italy

The learner’s permit allows the holder to practice driving only while accompanied by a person no older than 60 years old (if practising using a dual-control vehicle, the accompanying driver may be no older than 65 years old). The accompanying driver must have held a valid licence for at least 10 years in the category the driver will be tested for.

Practice vehicles must be marked on the front and back with a vertically and clearly displayed uppercase black letter “P” (principiante) against a reflective white background, indicating to other drivers that the driver is a novice.

Learner drivers may not drive on the Autostrada and may face a fine of €78 euros if they practice in a busy area.

Most learner drivers opt to take lessons with a licensed driving school for several reasons: instructors can coach students on questions likely to be encountered on the test; and the practical test must be done on a dual-control vehicle, which can be provided by the school for practice and for the practical exam. Otherwise, the test taker must hire a dual-control car and insurance must be obtained before the practical test can be taken. Hired dual-control vehicles can only be rented for driving tests and cannot be used for practice.

The Theory Exam

The theory exam consists of forty true or false questions that test knowledge of the Highway Code (Codice della Strada). As of January 2011, it is only possible to take the theoretical tests in Italian.  There are two exceptions: in the Valle d’Aosta the test may be taken in French, and in South Tyrol the test may be taken in German. Learner’s books with test questions are available at bookshops in Italian only; some driving schools may have English translations for sale.

The foglio rosa allows the learner to take three driving tests in total, and two of any one type: for instance, if a driver passes the theory test the first time, they have two chances to complete the practical exam; if they fail the theoretical test twice, the foglio rosa is no longer valid and another must be obtained.

–> The documents required may vary, but in general, Motorizzazione Civile offices will request:

–> Completed form TT 2112

–> Tax code (Codice Fiscale)

–> Valid photo identification

–> Proof of residency (Permesso/Carta di Soggiorno) and photocopy

–> Two passport photographs that match the photograph on the medical certificate, not more than 6 months old

–> Photocopies of any other driving licences the applicant possesses

–> Application fee

The Practical Exam

The practical driving test is usually taken after a period of practice although this is not obligatory for drivers carrying a foreign licence.

At the practical exam, the following documents are required:

–> Photo identification

–> Proof of vehicle insurance (and photocopy)

–> For foreigners, a Permesso/Carta di Soggiorno (and photocopy)

The practical driving test must be undertaken in a dual-control vehicle (unless the driver is disabled and requires hand controls). If a driver passes the practical test in an automatic transmission, dual-control vehicle (which are extremely uncommon), they will be restricted to driving only automatic vehicles thereafter.

If the driver fails the practical exam, the medical certificate, proof of payment and photos will be returned to them so they may be presented again at the retest.

After successfully completing the practical exam, the Italian licence will be issued on the spot.

Moped Licence

To drive a moped or motorcycle of 50cc and under, the driver must be at least 14 years old.  After passing an exam, the driver will carry a category AM licence. This replaced the Certificato di idoneità, also known as the Patentino, in January 2013. A short training course at a local driving school must be completed before taking the exam.  As of January 2013, this exam can no longer be taken at local state schools.

While a 14 year old can drive a category AM vehicle in Italy, they must reach 16 years if age before doing so in most other EU countries. Those only eligible to drive category AM vehicles cannot carry passengers.

While the minimum age in Italy for category AM vehicles is 14, most other European states only allow AM vehicles to be driven at the age of 16.  This is still the case if the holder of an AM licence drives in another EU country.


Already have a licence from your country of origin?

Read the most important things you need to know as an expat when using your driving licence in Italy.


The holders of a driving licence issued by a state of the EU are allowed to drive in Italy using their valid national driving licence, without the obligation to convert it one year after the acquisition of the residence in Italy.

However, if the license has no validity limits, it must be converted two years after the acquisition of the residence.  In any case it is recommended to request the conversion in order to facilitate any renewal procedures or duplicate license.  The licenses for which the conversion is not provided, however, follow the Italian regulations regarding the renewal and possible sanctions.

If you have a European driving license obtained as a replacement for a driving license issued by a non-EU country and you wish to move to another EU country, remember that it does not mean that the latter recognizes your converted license. Each EU country is free to decide whether to do it or not.

You must inquire with the local authorities of your new country to know what are the conditions for the recognition of driving licenses issued by non-EU countries.  The European driving license issued to replace your driving license obtained in a non-EU country must contain a code indicating the country in which the release was originally issued.


The holders of a driving licence issued by an extra European Union country may drive in Italy using their valid license accompanied by a sworn translation up to one year from the acquisition of residence. To drive in Italy, furthermore, it is necessary to get an international driving Permit or a sworn translation of the licence.

At the conclusion of the first year it is mandatory to convert the licence, which is possible only if there are a reciprocal agreement between the State issuing the driving licence and Italy. (Check the list here)


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