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  • Civic Museum of Zoology

    04/02 – 29/05/2022


    La Via delle Api reopens again at the Civic Museum of Zoology, the exhibition dedicated to the world of bees and their products, from honey to royal jelly.


    The exhibition, through preparations from the museum’s entomological collections, beekeeping materials, captivating videos and models, aims to guide the visitor to discover the “way of bees”: from the particular life cycle of these insects to the extraordinary social organization and their fundamental role in pollination of plants.


    The path continues with the presentation of their main products, honey, pollen, propolis, and the properties of these substances which are used both in the food, medical and agricultural fields.


    Research is also illustrated which, using bees as bioindicators, provide very important information on the state of health of the environment.


    At the center of the exhibition there are, in addition to some supports with thematic insights, also some equipment used in beekeeping. It is also possible for the visitor to have a sensory experience by simulating a journey inside a beehive.


    The exhibition intends to underline the importance of bees (80% of the food that arrives on our tables is the result of the work of these and other pollinators) and their role in maintaining biodiversity, sensitizing visitors to the protection of these extraordinary insects.


    During the visit, the public is guided by the Ape Agnes, the mascot of the exhibition who, in addition to revealing some curiosities about bees, is the protagonist of a game-quiz with multiple answers. All visitors in possession of the free App “AppAgnese” can participate in the game, downloadable shortly on all mobile devices.



    Scarica l’App su APPSTORE
    Scarica l’App su Google Play Store



    The questions posed by the App will be a stimulus to reflect on the causes of the progressive disappearance of bees, and on the need to adopt new behaviors that help bees to survive. After completing the game, the visitor will see a “Certificate of awareness and commitment” on their App which can then be shared on social networks with the hashtag #iostoconlapeagnese.



    Where: Museo Civico di Zoologia

    Time: from 4 February till 29 may 2022 open from Tuesday to Sunday 9.00-19.00

    Last admission one hour before closing ALWAYS CONSULT THE NOTICES PAGE before planning your visit to the museum.


    Entrance ticket:

    Single ticket including admission to the museum and the exhibition


    Non-resident rate

    Full € 8.50 full
    Reduced € 7.00 reduced

    Residents rate
    Full € 7.50 full
    Reduced € 6.00 reduced


    Free for the categories provided for by the current rates. An exhibition only ticket is not activated.


    Free entrance for “MIC Card” holders.

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