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    In this individual program you will learn tools, methods and techniques for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Among these we practice breathing techniques, creative visualisation, grounding and running energy, chakra and aura cleansing, sound meditation, light meditation and deep listening.


    Meditation offers infinite benefits:


    Physical: lowers blood pressure and heartbeat rate, improves sleep, offers rapid recovery from stress, reduces cholesterol levels, reduces physical pain.

    Emotional: reduces emotional reactivity, lowers hostility levels, reduces negative emotions, supports therapy and addiction treatment, improves emotional intelligence, improves social intelligence, increases empathy levels, reduces acute and chronic anxiety levels, promotes high self-esteem and self-worth.

    Mental: increases mental clarity and focus, promotes deeper concentration, supports easier decision-making, effective problem-solving, resilience and self-observation.

    Spiritual: aligns you with your higher self, promotes authentic leadership and empowerment, heightens self-awareness, frees from judgement and ego, promotes living a life on purpose.


    This program is for you if:

    · You are satisfied with your life but feel as if there is more to it;
    · You want to experience a deep connection to the Divine and integrate the spiritual dimension to health, relationships and work;
    · You wish to enhance your psychic abilities to live new, heightened life experiences;
    · You wish to embody your personal magnetism and gain the power to create the life you desire;
    · You are committed to your personal growth and are ready for the next level of expansion.


    In this program you will learn:

    · Creative meditation tools;
    · Self- Healing techniques;
    · How to separate from foreign energy;
    · Transmute painful energy into pure energy;
    · Tools for solving problems energetically;
    · How to ground yourself and your space.


    12 individual sessions in Rome or online! Contact Beatrice Carafa- Certified Life Coach & Spiritual Counselor! / +39 339 612 6031