MIRACLE MINDSET: Tools and Methods for Conscious Manifestation

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    This individual program is an invitation to discover and apply the Universal laws and to make them consciously work for you. The Miracle Mindset is a state of mind which is predominantly upward bound: aspiring, harmonious and positive. It is a state in which the thinker generates a power that sets up a positive vibration which travels and attracts a similar vibration.


    It is the knowing that whatever we think in our minds must grow, so we take charge of our thinking in an orderly, disciplined and constructive manner. The mind is the source and cause of the conditions in our lives. So it is through the Miracle Mindset that we start to adjust and discipline our thoughts in order to stabilise our lives.


    The Miracle Mindset is harmony and order. It is in that space that miracles happen.


    This program is for you if:

    · You are ready to let go of effort and start creating your desires from inspired action;
    · You are ready to release obstacles and blockages around love, work, health, relationships;
    · You are ready to leave the “life happens TO ME” and embrace the “life happens FOR ME”.


    In this program you will learn how to:

    · Work with the Law of Attraction;

    · Master your thinking faculties;

    ·Create new, constructive beliefs;

    · Access Pure consciousness (quantum field);

    · Create from your Higher Self vs your ego;

    · Heal deep emotional wounds which block manifestation.


    12 individual sessions in Rome or online! Contact Beatrice Carafa- Certified Life Coach & Spiritual Counselor !
    info@beatricecarafa.com / +39 339 612 6031