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  • A four week special course “Business English an Introduction to Project Management”.  ELIR is offering a special opportunity to acquire special language skills and concepts in business English via an introduction to project management practicum.

    When: Every Monday & Thursday from 18:30 to 20:00
    Where: Online (Skype)
    Language: B1 or higher
    Cost: Free for all enrolled students
    Non enrolled students: €45

    The French philosopher Descartes said “I think therefore I am” and in today’s modern and complex business environment it is essential that “I plan therefore I can”.

    Thus ELIR offers this special opportunity to improve your marketability for employment and success in your endeavors.

    These concepts were first used to put humans on the moon and today is the basis for all successful project activity. Especially IT projects that so need to quantify what it is that will be done, when, the cost and the deliverable.

    Learn about defining a goal, setting objectives and milestone to achieving that goal, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation, risk management, and establishing a project team with roles and responsibilities. Be able to say what is an issue and what is an action in managing and or being part of a team.

    Critical to all projects a making a communication plan so when something does goes wrong; the team can make it right.  And to take the lessons learned to make the next project more successful.

    Talk the talk, and walk the walk that demonstrates you can speak modern business English better. Take this knowledge and language to make a project plan for a wedding, IT applications development, or whatever it is you are planning to do at work and or at home by being better organized.

    Discussion led by Dr. Brendan Gannon who brings over 20 years of successful international project management knowledge to this special four week group.

    Book a free try lesson today! If you are already enrolled in one of our courses this course is free for you. If you are not enrolled you can enroll and the cost is €45. Space is limited and max 5 students will be able to take this course. Confirm your spot via email:

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