The American University of Rome

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  • Rome’s oldest American Liberal Arts University that prepares students from around the world to live and work across cultures since 1969.


    The American University of Rome has provided an American liberal arts education to students from all over the world seeking a unique and extraordinary educational experience. It is the oldest American degree-granting institution in Rome, Italy, and currently offers 10 Bachelor (B.A.) degrees and 3 Master (M.A.) degrees. All programs are taught in English.

    Overlooking the historical center of Rome, The American University of Rome is a traditional American college located on top of the Eternal City’s highest hill, offering a spectacular view of the city and the surrounding hills.


    The defining aspects of the programs taught at AUR are:

    1. All programs combine theoretical understanding with practical experience, and classes are often taught on-site throughout Rome and Italy.

    2. Abundant opportunities to gain real-world work experience through internships with national and international commercial companies and NGOs. Over 75% of our students will undertake an internship; many will take two.

    3. AUR has a relatively small student body of just over 500 undergraduate and postgraduate students. Classes have a low student to staff ratio, creating an intimate learning environment and engendering in-depth discussions in the classroom.


    Truly diverse

    AUR is home to a highly diverse student body representing over 60 countries on campus. 28 native languages are spoken amongst our faculty and students, although all programs are conducted in English.

    Reflecting this eclectic campus, our professors respect and draw from different points of view, ideas, and real-world experiences, enriching the dialogue within the classroom.


    Learn on location

    Rome is our classroom. Professors complement their lessons with on-site visits around the city, guiding students through the richly layered experience that is Rome – both past and present – highlighting its global context throughout the ages.


    Add an international element to your academic achievements

    Rome’s beauty quickly overtakes all who enter its ancient walls. A walk or bus ride through even the most commonplace quarters of the city yields encounters with innumerable monuments, towering pillars, and major imperial buildings that still stand imposingly just as they have for over 2,000 years! However, we encourage our students to venture out of the city and make the most of having the rest of Europe on their doorstep. Rome is the perfect base from which to explore the rest of Europe. AUR does not schedule classes on Friday, giving our students a three-day window to visit other cities within Europe; London, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris are all within a three-hour flight distance.


    An engaged alumni network

    Over its 50 years of teaching and learning, AUR has graduated thousands of students from across the world. This network of alumni spans the globe and the career spectrum and many of its members actively work to help new graduates from the university. AUR is more than just a community, it’s a family.