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  • VinoRoma offers guided wine tastings led by a certified sommelier in our dedicated tasting room and wine cellar in the ancient Monti area of Rome, near the Colosseum and Roman Forums.  We offer several types of  tastings.

    My Italians

    Our most popular tasting. If this is your first visit to VinoRoma, this is the place to start. Throughout this two hour tasting, we’ll cover the basics of how to taste wine, how to pair with food and how to understand and recognize all of the different styles of wine that are made in each of the 20 disparate regions of the country. We’ll also discuss what exactly is a “natural” or “low intervention” wine and what sets them apart from most conventional offerings.



    (Tastings run from 5-7pm every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. The cost is €50/person).

    Wine & Cheese Dinner

    Here’s where we go down the rabbit hole on wine and food pairings. over the course of these two hours of tasting, we’ll try various styles of low-intervention wines paired with both the more common pairings of artisanal cheeses and cured meats, as well as some unexpected combinations that you might not have ever considered. We’ll study what works and what doesn’t (and the reasons why or why not), as well as tips and tricks to always nail the perfect pairings going forward.



    (Tastings run from 6 -8pm every Tuesday and Friday. The cost is €65/person).

    CantinAperta Open Hours Tasting

    The newest entry to the VinoRoma calendar. Every Thursday we open our doors from 4pm to 8pm for guests to stop by and have a tasting of however many wines they choose and stay for as long or as little as they’d like. Each wine costs €5 a glass or €20 a bottle and includes a detailed description and guided tasting by one of our licensed sommeliers. The wines being tasted change every time and are chosen from our private cellar, always natural and always delicious! Reservations are not required to attend; just stop in, grab a spot at our communal tasting table and choose what you’d like to taste from the wines on offer.



    (This event runs from 4-8pm every Thursday. The cost is €5/glass and €20/bottle).

    Wine Unfiltered Masterclass

    If you have more time in Rome and you’re looking for a specialized course in wine, this program is designed for you. Over the course of 6 two-hour lessons, we’ll guide you on everything from the history of winemaking and the inner workings of a winery to how to purchase and store wines and pair them with any food. Each course includes theory as well as a hands-on tasting of wines connected to that lesson’s theme. “Wine Unfiltered” gives you a chance to take a deep dive into the world of wine without spending years (and a small fortune) on a formal sommelier education.


    (This course is offered in Italian and English and runs from 6-8pm every Monday for six consecutive weeks).

    Private wine tastings can be organized around the above themes or many others (e.g. The Premier Reds of Italy, The Various Styles of Sicilian Wines, etc.). Cost for booking a private event starts at €300 and up, depending on the number of guests, types of wine served, whether food is included, etc. Private tastings can be organized for 1-22 guests.



    We also offer private walking food tours in various neighborhoods around Rome. Stops normally include a local food market, pizza, gelato, coffee, wine and/or craft beer, just to name a few. Cost is €250 for groups of 1-6 guests, not including the price of tastings, which vary based on the interests and appetites of the guests.