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    We offer in-person lessons for all levels of Italian. Our teachers make learning fun and interesting, so you enjoy each lesson.  We offer real lessons with grammar instruction and conversation.  Every course comes with material provided by us.


    Living in any country and not knowing the language can make things frustrating and we can help you with that! Italian is not only spoken in Italy but also in Switzerland and some parts of Malta, Vatican State, San Marino, Croatia, Slovenia and France.


    We are flexible for changes and cancellations because we know life can be busy. Signup for our lessons you can cancel same day and not lose the lesson. While traveling you can pause them till you get back. You can switch to online lessons or do both.



    Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 9:00 - 10:30 & 10:30 - 12:00

    Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 18:00 - 19:30 & 19:30 - 21:00


    Where:  Community House Trastevere on  Via Portuense 104 on the rooftop terrace or inside if it rains or cold outside.


    Book your free lesson today! Send us an email at and book your free trial lesson.  Let us know your level so we can place you. After the free trial, without obligation you can sign up for the course.


    Cost & Packages:

      8 lessons, (12 hours)  €120

    16 lessons, (24 hours) €225

    24 lessons, (36 hours) €320

    Enrollment fee: €45 (one time payment)


    How it works:

    How long is the lesson? Each lesson is 90 minutes and only 1 hour if there are 1 or 2 students.


    How many students are in each lesson? Max 6 students in each lesson. (Conversation classes max 5)


    What if I can not attend? Cancel lesson the same day by 2pm  via email: or text/call +393386771753  and you will NOT lose the lesson.  You can also pause them when you know you will not attend and need time to come back.


    Can I do more than 1 lesson a week?  Yes, email us with your requests. Most students that miss class will want extra lessons to catch up or get placed in another class.


    Can I make up the missed lesson? Yes, and you can organize a private lesson with your teacher and instead of 90 minutes you will do a private 45 minute lesson. Sometimes more than 1 student will want to do the same lesson and we can organize a private lesson for 2 students and you get 1 hour. Either online or in person.


    Can I do both online and in person? Yes, just send us an email so we can tell you the times for your level.


    Payment methods:

    Bank transfer (Bank fees at your own expense)

    Credit card



    Cancellation and refunds:

    Cancellation 15 days before start date you will receive a full refund. (except any bank or pay-pal fee or any bank fees at your own expense). The deposit paid will not be refunded in case of cancellations made less than 15 days. There are no refunds for students who begin the course later than the official starting dates, and no refund for those that miss classes without notifications. Lessons can be paused for 1 year.


  • Sign up for online lessons and get 4 free lessons.