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How to register in Italy as a EU citizen

Posted on January 26th, 2022

by Expat Living in Rome

If you are planning to live in Italy permanently this blog will help you understand how to register as EU citizen. 

First you need  an Italian Tax Identification Number (Codice Fiscale) if you are NOT in Italy you must apply at the Italian Consulate.  If you are in Italy you can apply online agenziaentrate.gov.it

With the Italian Tax Code you can rent a long-term apartment with a contract registered in your name. To search for an apartment we recommend the following sites using filters by area and with all parameters. 

The commune will request the following documents to register your residence: 

When you have all the documents you can begin to prepare the declaration of residence to be submitted to the commune. The declaration of residence the documents of the house for rent with proof of registration with all personal documents ( Birth Certificate/ Family Certificate/ Marriage Certificate) Translated & Legalized. 

The declaration of Residence may be submitted in person or by email according to the provisions of the individual municipalities. 

In the declaration of residence you must state whether you are in Italy for work or by own means.  If you are here for work, you must attach proof of employment or proof of means of self-sustenance.

Health insurance registration of Community nationals is required as an attached document.

If you submit the online declaration of residence remember always check if you have signed all the statements and scan all the documentation in one file making sure that the pdf is not a big file. 

The duration of the procedure varies from the Municipality.  Usually faster in smaller Italian towns.

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