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Came to my first event a month after landing in Rome and so glad I did. Couldn't imagine my life here without it! I've been to similar expat's events but this community is by far the best. The expats are extremely friendly and diverse (also a great looking bunch), everyone is open and there for the same reason: to meet new people!

Kayley Moore

Rome Expats was one of my most valuable resources. Before even making the move they guided me through the process. Many enjoyable experiences & unforgettable memories. I met new friends and enjoyed the weekly social activities while I was working in Rome. Great  job bringing people together socially and educationally.


"Two weeks ago I heard about Expats and by that time I was here in Roma for about a month. Today I have just over 6 weeks left and jade been to two meetings and a Saturday trip. It's been helping me so much with my experience here in Rome and have met so many wonderful people".

Dimitra Schreiber

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