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About Us

Expats Living in Rome is the leading international social network in Rome. Our organization fosters and promotes community interaction amongst expatriates and locals. Our events encourage networking, language and cultural exchange.  Online, we serve as an active online forum for information and support to our members.

Expats Living in Rome was founded in 2001 by Patrizia Di Gregorio, an Italian-American, alongside other expats looking to connect.  She envisioned forming a circle of friends who could communicate and learn from  sharing their experiences of living in Italy.  "We were only 7 or 8 people in the beginning, this was before we really had the internet or a smartphone"  It has since grown into a strong off and online presence, with a sizeable social media following of over 60k following or joined.  She is also a community leader within Facebook's Community Leadership Circles. She devotes her time bringing people together. ( FOLLOW Patrizia on FACEBOOK)

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect the multi-language speaking community with social opportunities and information which is relevant to their needs and interests. Our intent is to ease the living experience of internationals who are moving to or living in Rome. Our aim is to make everlasting connections.  We would welcome the opportunity to deliver you the best service for your expats needs, from working, living, and relocating.  We want to support your ideas, and help make Rome your home!

Our Activities & Meetings 
We host weekly social event aperitifs, language lessons, monthly special occasion events, and seasonal weekend day trips.  Our Meetups are every Tuesday night from 8:00 PM - 11:30 PM and before each meetup we have language lessons Italian and English for those that signed up.  We have minimum 80 learners, socializers and networkers attending each week.  We usually speak in English while socializing, though we are not obligated to speak in any one language. Many people are there exchanging languages already, while making new friends and discovering common interests.

Our Immigration & Relocation Services
We offer 360° services, with dedicated and customized consultancy for families, students, nomads, retirees. Provide you with Information for specific needs. We have been helping people stay in Italy since 2001. 

•  Residency permit

•  Permesso di soggiorno

•  Visas

•  Italian healthcare / Sanitario nazionale or provate health insurance

•  EU Registration

•  Assistance with Italian bureaucracy  

•  Translation of documents, Phone call translation

•  Setting up utility bills

•  Opening a bank account, or renegotiating an existing contract

•  Accommodations assistance

•  Assistance to find and buy a home in Italy

•  Assistance with application, reviewing documents

•  Applying for Italian citizenship

•  Driving license conversion

•  Codice fiscale



If you need help email us and schedule a free call. One of our consultants will give you the info you need to do the process yourself or pay for assistance to help you with it.

Our Financial Advisors

We have a team of qualified financial advisor that can give you a personal consultation and offer you tailored advice to suit your needs.


•  Investments

•  Open a business in Italy

• Taxes explained

•  Retirement plans


Our Sponsors


Expats living in Rome depends on sponsors to continue to run. Sponsors are carefully selected and trusted to join our network. We work with local and international business to help to keep the network growing.


Some advice


The most important message we can give to those moving to Italy is to have a good network around you. Surround yourself with people who are motivated or already living in Italy, who may be able to provide you with helpful tips and support.

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