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Useful information for expats about residency procedures in Italy

Posted on July 6th, 2020

by Expats living in Rome

This article contains useful information for British citizens in Italy in the case of a no-deal Brexit)

EU legislation states that EU citizens have the right to reside on the territory of another EU country for up to three months without any conditions other than the requirement to hold a valid identity card or passport.

Once the UK decided to leave the EU, it has been established that English citizens who have been resident in Italy for less than three months can apply for legal residence (attestazione di residenza) by 31 st October and in case of a no-deal Brexit they will have the right to permanently stay in Italy as it was before the Brexit.

To apply for the residency by the Municipality of Rome you must fulfil the standard application form that you can find on the municipality website.

Basic requirements are as follow:

1) Evidence or affidavit the applicant have financial resources (about 5.500 euros per person – amounts vary year after year);
2) Health Insurance (minimum duration one year);
3) Copy of a valid Passport;
4) Accommodation: if you own the place where you live in Italy, you must attach a copy of the property title; otherwise, you must give evidence of a registered lease agreement or any other accommodation arrangement (for example, letter of hospitality by the landlord, a relative or a friend);
5) Marriage certificate (only if you are applying with your spouse, both being EU citizens);
6) Birth certificate (if you apply with your children)
7) Certificate of civil status evidencing you are single

Bare in mind that, if the Municipality won’t allow you to apply before 31 st  October, it’s better if you keep any evidence that shows that you were in the country on 31 st  October and intending to stay (not just a tourist visit): evidence of your request (email, “raccomandata con ricevuta di ritorno”, protocol number of the request, etc.), evidence of your arrival (flight tickets, passport stamp, etc.), evidence of your rental contract or property purchase or even hotel stay, Italian bank account showing payments in and out (for eg. utility bills if appropriate).


Useful information for expats about residency procedures in Italy 1

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