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Dear friends,


Given the current situation with COVID-19 and the government’s measures to prevent further spreading of the virus, Expats Living in Rome has an obligation to support these prevention efforts by rescheduling our offline meetups and day trips. Our lessons are held online!


Our help is needed in this crisis: we need to respect what the government and health officials are saying to avoid further spread of the virus. This is the first time the world is dealing with something like this, and we want to be careful.


We are canceling our Tuesday meetups at Rec23 and Bagnoregio is rescheduled for Sunday May 24th. Any further changes will be announced. Subscribe to our newsletter to be updated.


Learn Italian in a fun and easy way!


Italian Lessons 1

Learning another language can be difficult for some people and so we have organized a fun way to learn and practice Italian. Living in any country and not knowing the language can make things frustrating and communication is important. We can help you with that.


Our teachers are experienced, qualified and motivated. They make learning fun and interesting so you enjoy each class. We offer real lessons with grammar instruction and conversation, for all levels.

Italian Lessons 2




Want to learn Italian for daily living in Italy?


➡ Are you interested in how to communicate while shopping, booking a hotel room, or making reservations at a restaurant?Italian Lessons 3
➡ Want to improve your skills you already have?  

➡ Are you ready to take the challenge?



Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, and C1.


Zero beginner – This is for the students that know absolutely nothing.

Beginners – Will work on building vocabulary and some grammar. It’s best to learn vocabulary and less grammar in this stage.

Intermediate/Advanced – Some grammar, some conversation, and error correction.

Advanced/Conversation – Speaking & reading & listening – learning how to speak more freely and naturally.


Our online on every lessons

We are offering all new students 20€ off + 2 free lessons.


➡ Package of 8 lessons (90 minutes) cost €100.00 +2 Free + 20€ off! Cost €80 

➡ Lessons mon zoom or skype. 

➡ Min 3 and max 5 students in each lesson.

➡ Lessons on Tuesdays are confirmed via whatsapp with your class and teacher.

➡ Once you confirm the lesson you can cancel the lesson via email up till 11:00 am or via whatsapp in the chat by 3pm.

➡ You can suspend your lessons at anytime without losing your credits. 


How to Enroll? 

Send us an email at and book a date to come try the lesson and confirm the level and space. After the free try, without obligation you can sign up for the course.

Can I do more than 1 lessons a week? Yes, as long as 3 in your class and level confirmed.


Do you have to let us know you are not attending online lesson or lose it?  Yes, we need 3 people confirmed for each lesson.


Does the credit work the same as Tuesday nights? Yes, for now we are using the same costs. You can hold your lessons till we are back offline. We are offering discounts for new packages 2 free lessons (instead of 8 you get 10) which means that you can use more lessons online. 


What if confirm to join an extra lesson during the week and then change my mind?  You have to cancel before 11am via email or 3pm on whatsapp in the chat or it will count as a lesson. 


What time will the lessons be at Rec23 when we are back? The same as before from  19.30-21.00. 


Online private lessons - includes free tuesday night group lessons (online now and offline in the future) 


15 hours - €375 + Free Tuesday nights 
20 hours - €440 + Free Tuesday nights

Tuesday night classes OFFLINE

➡ Package of 8 lessons cost €100.00
➡ Lessons are on every Tuesday night at 7:30 pm -9:00 pm at Rec23 (Testaccio) in Piazza Dell'emporio 2
➡ You can cancel lesson same day up till 11:00 am

➡ You can suspend your lessons if you are out of town for a period of time so that you do not lose your credits


Lessons are held at the same location as HAPPY HOUR on Tuesday nights. We do change locations occasionally, but all locations are central and easily accessible with public transport.  After class you can join us for language exchange, make new friends, socialize and network. How cool is that?

How to Enroll? 

Send us an email at and book a date to come try the lesson and confirm the level and space. After the free try, without obligation you can sign up for the course.


What if I can not attend a lesson on Tuesday and miss class?

If you can not attend a lesson/s let us know the same day before 11am and we will not count the class. For those that travel for work/pleasure can send an email to  You can also let the person doing check in on Tuesday know which dates you are not available and we will record it or you can send us an email or whatsapp. Once you join the lessons you will added to a student whatsapp (optional) and that will help you not lose lessons.


How many students are in our classes? 

Class sizes generally range from 2 to 8 students in each class. The average number is 4/6.


Where are the students from and their age?  

Students are from all over the world. The average age is 21 to 45.


What if I learn faster or slower than others in my class?

If you feel the lesson is too hard or easy let us know so that we can change your level. Speak with your teacher first about it and changes can be made. We have 4 to 5 levels available.


What if I am late for class?

You can not be more than 10 minutes late, and it depends on the distraction it causes for you to get to your table. Still come to class, sometimes you can still join the class if you are not interrupting and moving chairs to fit at the table. Be considerate!  Also if you come, and are not able to do the lesson, you can ask the check in person to waiver the class and 8 out of 10 times we do.  Besides, you can do the social event and ask your teacher for material after the lesson if not able to join. 


Do I have to do the Social event meetup after class?

No you do not. If you want to stay would be great. No obligation. If you do stay, please reserve on website or facebook for the event. Also to avoid waiting in line after the lesson, get your apertivo ticket before class. 


Only here for 1 month can I still enroll?

Yes you can, send an email and let us know which lessons you can attend, and each lesson cost €18 for non enrolled students.


What happens after I finish the 8 lessons?

Usually students remain for several months. Once you finished your package of 8 lessons (90 minutes each) you can but another pack of 8 for €100.


  • Bank transfer (Bank fees at your own expense)
  • Credit card
  • Paypal
  • Cash


Private lessons:

If interested in private lessons we can organize that for you. We have for individual, groups, travel, translations, and business planning. We send our teachers to your home or office. We work with companies, organizations, and universities in Rome. Look here for more details.


Cancellation and refunds:


Cancellation 15 days before start date you will receive a full refund. (except any bank or paypal fees) (Bank fees at your own expense) .


The deposit paid will not be refunded in case of cancellations made less than 15 days.


There are no refunds for students who begin the course later than the official starting dates, and no refund for those that miss classes.

Contact info

Viale Carso 57, 00195 - Roma RM