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Girando per Roma… public transport, accessing airports and transportation apps Our useful tips to get around the Eternal City

September 5th, 2019 By No comments yet

Last Updated 5/9/19 If all roads lead to Rome, it’s no wonder you got here.  Now that you’ve arrived, which parts of the city would you like... Read more...

Eating well and healthy living for expats in Rome

September 2nd, 2019 By Comments closed

With more than 2,700 acres of green spaces, magnificent architecture, rich culture and fascinating  history, it’s no wonder why Rome is a truly... Read more...

Italian citizenship: ways to acquire

August 26th, 2019 By Comments closed

Today with legal assistance we discuss the matter of Italian citizenship. ITALIAN CITIZENSHIP CAN BE ACQUIRED IN ONE OF THE FOLLOWING WAYS (Law ... Read more...

Understanding Rome’s Zona Traffico Limitato (ZTL)

August 26th, 2019 By Comments closed

Major cities worldwide are limiting transportation in their city centers as measures to reduce urban smog and air pollution. Rome is no exception... Read more...

Private Italian, Spanish, French & English lessons – 20% OFF!!!

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About our private  Italian, Spanish, French,  German & English language courses. Sign up in September and get 20% off any package you choo... Read more...

Great ideas for vacation with some great discounts for #RomeExpats !!!

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It all began back in 2010. We wanted to offer something that gave everyone the chance to travel Europe with fun-loving people and create memories ... Read more...

Tips on housing in Rome

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📌Cheap housing does not exist in Rome if you want to live close to the city center. The average room costs from €400.00 - €550.00, that i... Read more...

Workaway: Great for working and learning languages in Italy

May 20th, 2019 By Comments closed

YOU love traveling. Do you want to discover new places across the World? How many foreign languages do you know? Is working with a family, seeing a... Read more...

A legal alert for expats living in Italy!

May 11th, 2019 By Comments closed

If you are a not an Italian speaker and you are about to sign an Italian contract you must follow this piece of advice by Legal Assistance. If y... Read more...

Useful information for expats about residency procedures in Italy

May 6th, 2019 By Comments closed

(This article contains useful information for British citizens in Italy in the case of a no-deal Brexit) EU legislation states that EU citizens ... Read more...

The best american burger with Icelandic soul in Rome Italy


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