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Rules to be followed in Phase 2 by car, motorbike and bicycle

June 2nd, 2020 By Comments closed

How many passengers can by in a car, motorbike and bicycle? It is necessary to distinguish between those that live together and those that do not.... Read more...

Private Italian, Spanish, French & English lessons

April 17th, 2020 By Comments closed

Learning a language is also learning a new culture! We offer private 1 to 1 or private group lessons in Italian, Spanish, French, German &am... Read more...

Buses are packed before Phase 2 causes problems in Rome!

April 16th, 2020 By Comments closed

Transport workers are complaining that the some bus lines are not respecting distancing measures.  We aren't in phase 2 yet! How can we guarantee o... Read more...

COVID-19, rent contribution: here’s how to request the bonus

April 16th, 2020 By Comments closed

UPDATE FROM LEGAL ASSISTANCE FOR EXPATS Money to pay the rent during the COVID-19 emergency, call for applications published: here's how... Read more...

Italy: New app soon will replace “self-declaration” form

April 15th, 2020 By Comments closed

No more paper. In "phase 2" of the Coronavirus emergency, a new app is coming that will be downloadable from the government website. Studied by  Vi... Read more...

POSSO a place to share your online skills with others for free!

April 13th, 2020 By Comments closed

#POSSO Time is equal for everyone Now that you are forced to stay at home, it's time for new ideas!! Introducing Posso, a digital platform created... Read more...

“Cure for Italy” decree: FAQ by Legal Studio for Expats!

April 10th, 2020 By Comments closed

"Cure for Italy" overwiev Legal Assistance for Expats kindly reviewed the decree and try to answer the most commonly aske questions. Due to the... Read more...

Italian citizenship: ways to acquire it!

April 5th, 2020 By Comments closed

Today with legal assistance we discuss the matter of Italian citizenship. ITALIAN CITIZENSHIP CAN BE ACQUIRED IN ONE OF THE FOLLOWING WAYS (Law... Read more...

A legal alert for expats living in Italy!

April 4th, 2020 By Comments closed

If you are a not an Italian speaker and you are about to sign an Italian contract you must follow this piece of advice by Legal Assistance. If yo... Read more...


April 2nd, 2020 By Comments closed

Previously, Legal Studio for Expats published this post on how to acquire Italian citizenship. If you've read it and realized that CITIZENSHIP AS... Read more...

Covid-19 emergency: Italy confirms the lockdown extension

April 1st, 2020 By Comments closed

PM Conte: «Back to work gradually» «We must plan a return to normal which must be done gradually and must allow everyone, in perspective, to retur... Read more...

Did we know COVID-19 was coming?

March 27th, 2020 By Comments closed

Did we know COVID-19 was coming?  Expats Living in Rome reviews the most pertinent “prophecies”. Nostradamus hinted at a plague on the Tiber rive... Read more...

COVID-19, Interior Ministry on residence permits validity

March 27th, 2020 By Comments closed

Residence permits, citizenship, clearance for seasonal work. These are just some of the procedures for which the extension, issued by the Departme... Read more...

Coronavirus, 25 billion bill: approved the “Cura Italia” decree

March 21st, 2020 By Comments closed

The chapter of the work includes layoffs, parental leave and babysitting vouchers of 600 euros. Gualtieri guarantees coverage "of all self-employed... Read more...

Coronavirus, Italy lockdown: the new self-certification form

March 17th, 2020 By Comments closed

The new form to be filled out has been published on the Ministry of Interior website. If you do not have a printer, you can copy it by hand, photog... Read more...





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