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Rent without scams and don’t pay commission or booking fees!

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Dear expats, students and everyone else who is looking for an apartment or a room to rent in Rome? Have you heard about this new, innovative ... Read more...

Renting in Italy: What you should know before renting?

February 19th, 2019 By Comments closed

The Italian law widely recognizes three kinds of home rental contracts: 1) Transitory contract - for stays of up to 18 months. Landlord and tena... Read more...


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The 2003 European Directive on the status of non EU nationals states that a long-term residence permit should be awarded after a person has lived... Read more...

Homeless love in Rome!

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It was 2001. I knew some Italian, but not enough to have a full conversation or express myself.  Saying that, some things I did understand. Back... Read more...

With Love from Andalucía to Rome!

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It started with a text! To a handsome Italian man’s photo on the internet. From there, I got a beautiful love poem, firstly in Spanish, and lat... Read more...

Dating in Rome horror story

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After 3 years of living in Rome, I was fairly familiar with the dating scene here when my friends persuaded me to give a popular dating app a t... Read more...


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#RomeExpatsStoryContest Submit your stories of love success or bad romance! We're looking for expat stories, experiences with someone from a diff... Read more...

Private Italian, Spanish, French & English lessons

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About our private  Italian, Spanish, French,  German & English language courses. Our teachers are qualified and native speakers. Durat... Read more...

Little Genius International®

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Little Genius International® is a learning ecosystem that extends the processing capabilities of the mind of the child through distributed c... Read more...

First Sunday of the month museums are free in Rome

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Every First Sunday of the month all museums are free in Rome. What to visit? Which museums are free? Here is the full list of free state and civic... Read more...

The best american burger with Icelandic soul in Rome Italy

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