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How to get SPID without an Italian ID card

Posted on June 13th, 2021

by Expats living in Rome

An expat shares their story on our group on Facebook how they managed to get SPID without an Italian ID card (yes, that’s possible!).

This post is intended  for those who’d like to get a Spid but are unable to get one due to one of the following situations:

1. You do not possess a carta d’identità/ tessera sanitaria;

2. You have registered online for verification through poste italiane but they’ve rejected you because you don’t have an “Italian document”, while your friend or someone you know has done the same from the same office (I’ve been through this situation tbh).

Yes, it’s still possible to get a Spid id provided that you meet the following requirement: you are in possession of a valid Permesso di Soggiorno, codice fiscale, an Italian mobile number and a valid passport issued by your country. Now, you might be aware of various providers who offer spid (Aruba, Sielte, etc), the provider we’re discussing about here is “Poste italiane“. We are gonna be creating a “postepay evolution” account with Poste italiane to get a Spid id with them.

Postepay Evolution account creation:

1. Book an appointment with your nearest poste italiane through this link (search for your nearest poste italiane through the search bar on this page, once you see the office listed on the search result, click on “prenota ticket” and proceed to book a day and time of your choice). You’ll receive an e-mail with a QR code confirming your appointment;

2. On your appointment date, go to the posteitaliane with your valid Permesso di Soggiorno, Codice fiscale and passport;

3. Tell them you’d like to open a “Postepay Evolution” account;

4. They will enter your personal details in their system from your documents, you’d have to provide them your current address in Italy as well;

5. You’re presented with a couple of T&C forms, Privacy agreement forms etc which you’d to have to sign to authorize;

6. Pay them an amount of €20 cash (cards or other forms of payment are not accepted). Now in with this €20, they’ll deduct 12€ as the annual maintenance fees (€1 per month), 5€ as the commission for opening an account and the remaining €3 will in your account;

7. Once you’re done with all this, they’ll provide you two envelopes one in which you’ll have your ATM card and the other one carrying your PIN, a document containing your IBAN and an username to access the online services of posteitaliane.(You should have received the password for the same by now since you’ve registered your mobile number with them);

8. Now, that you have created a “Postepay Evolution” account with Posteitaliane, you can go back home and login to https://postepay.poste.it and enter your personal area to change your default password and set a new one. You’d also be able to see that you have a balance of 3€ in your account.

Now I think it’s safe to try the following steps after at least 2 hours the time you’ve created your account.

Spid Id registration:

1. Go to this link, select “Sms su cellulare certificato”;

2. Scroll down to see a section where you’d have to enter your posteid credentials (username and password);

3. After entering your details, hit proceed, you’d receive a code in your registered mobile number;

4. Enter the code and hit proceed;

5. Once you’re in, I believe the rest is self explanatory, you’re expected to read and verify your details and hit proceed again, within a minute or so you should see a screen confirming your spid is active;

6. You’d also receive a mail stating the same, you may proceed to download Poste id app enter your details and use it.

Note :

1. People in possession of a Pds which expired after 31st January 2020 would also be able to avail this service as the Italian government has extended the validity of those cards till September 2021;

2. People who are already in possession of a Posteitaliane account can skip the first part and proceed with the Spid registration.

Try this and email us in case you’d be needing help with any more details.




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