Rent without scams and don’t pay commission or booking fees!

Posted on February 25th, 2019

by Expats living in Rome

Zappyrent portal makes it easy and secure to rent accommodations in Italy.

Dear expats, students and everyone else who is looking for an apartment or a room to rent in Rome?

Have you heard about this new, innovative portal launched by an Italian Startup that makes the renting simple, quick and secure


Ok, let us tell you about it and what else makes this platform so great! It's called ZAPPYRENT.

On their site you can browse through the hundreds of rooms and apartments available and reserve your perfect accommodation for a period from one month to several years. Also in Milan, Florence, Bologna or Catania and more places in future.

Scared of scams? They offer an extra layer of security, the room is reserved for you but the payment is sent to the landlord only 24hrs AFTER you move in.

You might be already aware that a common problem when renting a room as a foreigner is to get the deposit back from the landlord. Zappyrent helps you solve this problem by freezing the security deposit on the platform until the end of the tenancy. So you don’t have the risk that the landlord keeps it for no reason.

We believe tenants around the world deserve a better experience, shouldn’t have to struggle to rent an apartment nor be victims of scams or non-transparent intermediaries with their hefty fees. That’s why we recommend Zappyrent! Check them out for yourselves here.


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