Learn Italian the fun and easy way........

Learning another language can be difficult and also boring, so we have organized a fun way to learn or practice Italian. Living in Rome or any other country and not knowing the language can make things frustrating. Communication is important and we can help you with that. Our teachers are experienced, qualified, and motivated. There is a real lesson with grammar explain and conversation depending on the level you are at. 

Teachers make learning fun and interesting so you enjoy each class. On Tuesday nights we change locations, but we are always central so you learn the city and different places. After the lesson, we have HAPPY HOUR where you can do language exchange, make new friends, socialize, and network. How cool is that?

Want to learn Italian for daily living in Italy? 
  • Are you interested in how to communicate while shopping, booking a hotel room, or making reservations at a restaurant? 
  • Want to improve your skills you already have? 
  • Are you ready to take the challenge?
  • Our lessons are customized  

Tuesday night classes 
  • 2 months  course cost €80.00 (8 weeks)
  • Lessons are on every Tuesday night at 7:30 pm -9:00 pm (1.5 hours)
  • Remember this class moves each week with HAPPY HOUR 

How to Enroll? 
First fill out the registration form below. Once we have accepted you via email for the class we will provide you with details and payment methods. There is an enrollment fee of €40.00 which is good for life time.

How do I know which class or level I am in? 
We will email you with the details and level. On the registration form below check the level you think you are. We will put you in that class and if it is too slow or to hard we will move you to another level. Please talk to your teacher about this before the move. Your teacher will know best. 

How many students are in class? 
There are from 2 to 8 students in each class. The average number is 4/6.

Where are the students from and their age? 
Students are from all over the world. The average age is 18 to 26.
CLASSES are FULL if you like to be on a waiting list PLEASE fill in the FORM BELOW: We will contact you once we have more space. Thank you
First and last name
Phone number
When would you like to come in for your Free try lesson?
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I am a returning student
What is your level in Italian?
Don't know any Italian start from zero
Beginners - Know some basics
Are you interested in private lessons?
What is your mother tongue?
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Cancellation and refunds: 
1). Cancellation 15 days before start date you will receive a full refund. (except any bank or paypal fees).
2). The deposit paid will not be refunded in case of cancellations made less than 15 days. 
3). There are no refunds for students who begin the course later than the official starting dates, and no refund for those that miss classes.
4). There are 2 make up classes for each course for missed classes. For those that travel for work/pleasure can send an email to rome-expats@hotmail.com and let us know so we can work with you to have you not miss classes if you miss more then 2 classes.


 Bank transfer (Bank fees at your own expense)
2). Credit card
3). Paypal
4). Cash
  • Zero - This is for the students that know absolutely nothing. 
  • Beginners - Will work on building vocabulary and some grammar. It's best to learn vocabulary and less grammar in this stage.
  • Intermediate/Advanced - Some grammar, some conversation, and correcting mistakes.
  • Advanced/Conversation - Speaking & reading - learning how to speak more freely and naturally.

Each level has reading, writing, listening, and comprehension exercises. 

Missed classes:
If you are not able to attend a class/classes, please email us. So that we can help you make them up. We DO NOT extend the time given and paid for but you can double up or you can come on another day and time. We will work with you and help you make them up when possible.
Tuesday night classes: 
Those that sign up for lessons before HAPPY HOUR  can look here for details. The locations are usually Testaccio, Largo Argentina, Trastevere, and Termini. If you provide us with your cell number we will send you a text message every Tuesday to remind you. You can also look at the newsletter that is sent out every Monday. 

Private lessons: 
If interested in private lessons we can organize that for you. We have for individual, groups, travel, translations, and business planning. We send our teachers to your home or office. We work with companies, organizations, and universities in Rome. Contact us for more details. 

There are NO classes on national or local holidays

Just a few reminders: 
  • It's your responsibility to know where the lesson is each week by checking the website or sending an sms or call  +39.338.6771753.
  • If you know you are going to continue for the following month contact us to reserve a spot.
  • If you feel the lesson is too hard or easy let us know so that we can change your level. Speak with your teacher first about it. 
  • Do not arrive more than 10 minutes late as it interrupts the class. You can arrive late and ask for worksheets of missed lessons if you wish. 
  • For those that attend Tuesday night classes before the HAPPY HOUR and like to get a drink please come 5 minutes early to order it before class starts. 

We are looking forward to meeting you