Tuesday Jan 27th @ 8:30 PM
English Speaking Happy Hour(S) 

NUR BAR (Piazza Navona)

Meet new friends in an old city - Let's socialize with an international crowd. Exchange ideas, business cards, info, and sometimes phone numbers!! Do FREE Language exchange all night!! Everyone is welcome! No need to be shy about coming if you don't know anyone – no one does the first time. If you are looking to make new friends and build your network come join us!!

➡7:30 PM - ITALIAN, ENGLISH, & SPANISH CLASSES for those that have signed up
➡8:30 PM - 11:00PM - HAPPY HOUR(S) start FULL BUFFET/DINNER 
COST: Food & 1 drink €10 -2nd drinks €5 beer & Wine - cocktails menu price.

We offer language lessons before each TUESDAY night event. You can learn or practice what you already know. We have all levels from Zero to Advanced. Come join us and learn  ITALIANSPANISH, or ENGLISH.

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Tuesday Jan 27th - Nur Bar
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Face to Face: We bring people together online and take them off line to meet face to face!! Most of us are single, but some are in relationships and everyone is welcome. We introduce newcomers and mix & mingle. We want to attract people young at heart, active, outgoing, adventurous, and friendly. So, if you want to make more friends, Face to Face, come join us!!!

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
4 weeks  €200.00 + €40 ENROLLMENT FEE

Non Intensive 8 week course 
€80.00 + €40 ENROLLMENT FEE

Discounts for Interns & Au-Pairs & Students 

Speakiamo English and Spanish 

Puoi iscriverti da oggi ai nostri corsi con insegnanti madrelingua. La prima lezione di prova è gratuita!!

Public transportation in Rome, Italy:
Tips and Advice: ATAC public transportation site has a great tool to calculate the quickest route from point A to point B anywhere in Rome. When you arrive at the website, click on the English language option to the right. Fill in your departure and arrival addresses, and BINGO!!!

The City Council and the Ministry for the Arts and Cultural activities, in collaboration with ATAC offer Tourist and locals in Rome to take advantage of various discounts and services  that make it easier and cheaper. Some of those including:

  • 2 free entries to either museum and/or archaeological sites of your choice. Which includes exhibition held in the museum.

  • Concessionary tickets to all other museum and/or archaeological sites.

  • Free use of the city's public transport network. 

  • Discount tickets to exhibitions, events and other collaborating businesses.

  • Reduced charges for the use of ON- call multi-lingual medical service for tourists(MET travel Health

Click here to read more what your new pass has to offer.ave also invited these networks to come join us: A small world (ASW), VCN Rome yahoo group, Friendfeed, InterNations, Linkedin, Why not language exchange in Rome?, Couch surfing (CS Rome), Eurocircle Rome.