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Tuesday is our regular weekly Meet up and we are expecting +100 People to attend. Please RSVP for our events here. There will be a list. 

Don't be shy!!! We'll introduce you to newcomers. We connect people online and take them off line to connect in real life!! More about us here.

Perfect place to meet new people, make new connections, and network!! 

Tuesday January 24th @ 8 PM 
REC23 (TESTACCIO) Piazza Dell'Emporio 2

Flirt after Work on Tuesday Night with Rome Expats, Diplomats, and locals Fun professionals living and working in Rome. 

COST: Entrance Fee: €10 includes Food & 1 Drink - 2nd drinks menu prices from €5- €10 


✔  7:30 PM - ITALIAN & ENGLISH CLASSES with a mother tongue teacher for those that have signed up for the course. 

✔  8:00 PM - Meet & Greet before we Eat & FREE LANGUAGE EXCHANGE 

✔  8:30 PM - Food & Friends (Full buffet served till 10:30pm

Chinese New Year 2017 APERITIVO
Sideways Via Acaia 81 (SAN GIOVANNI)

MAX: 35-40 People can attend this event 

Join in the celebration of Chinese New Year 2017 
Welcome To "The Year Of The Rooster"

The Chinese New Year is the Spring Festival - the time of the year when China and Chinese people all over the world celebrate the start of the new lunar year.  

Each year is denoted by an animal that cycles over a 12 year period, and the new year is marked by days of celebrations featuring feasts, dragon dances, and elaborate outdoor events.

Come celebrate with us on Saturday Jan 28th for a Aperitivo/Buffet & 1 drink + GREEN DRAGON COCKTAILS FREE till 10:00 for those wearing red!! 

Chinese food will be served with spring rolls, pork, chicken, shrimp & Veggie fried rice. Variety of meat dishes, etc. 

There will be music - Lounge, ttoday'shits, 80's & 90's music. 

Cost: €20 (Tickets before Jan 24th)
Cost: €25 (Tickets bought after Jan 24th)

We offer language lessons before each TUESDAY night event. You can learn or practice what you already know. We have all levels from Zero to Advanced. Come join us and learn ITALIAN & ENGLISH