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OUR UGLY SWEATER PARTY! Thursday Dec 27th 



















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RSS Expats Living in Rome with Patrizia Di Gregorio

  • By: Ralph
    I will have to think of a strategy before embarking on that journey. Will need to figure out how much money to take along with me. Need to decide on what kind of business I will start.. try to get a feel for what Italy needs, what kind of App's are they lacking, how do […]
  • By: Patrizia Di Gregorio
    So what is holding you back from making the move? I love Canada even if coming from the US seems like you never left home it's still travel and experience. It's good and when you start your journey you will be comparing the difference between countries. Take notes, write a blog, or fall in love!! […]
  • By: Ralph
    Well, as a 24 year old who has become bored with his surrounding(not at my mothers, been living alone in solitude. I know sounds depressing but it's not so bad.), I'm looking to make a big move soon to check on what is outside of the states. I've travelled only to Canada (not sure if […]
  • By: Patrizia Di Gregorio
    Ralph, I cracked up when doing it!! I really need to stop laughing so much!! Italian woman looking for Expat men!!! Well the percentage of Expat men to woman in Rome anyway is 8 Expats woman to 1 Expat man. That attend the meet ups on Tuesday nights. Most male expats that come to Rome […]
  • By: Ralph
    hahahaha this one cracked me up. She is cool. So I hear of all the italian men coming looking for expat women... what about italian women looking for expat men? Whats THAT scene like... I feel like us men have it difficult lol
  • By: Patrizia Di Gregorio
    Awesome!!! Love it 🙂

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