Saturday June 19th – Garden Aperitivo in Private Villa (Appia Antica)

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  • An aperitivo in a private is a Villa of the Mosaics of the Tritons on the Appia Antica in Rome, a medieval period farmhouse built on the remains of an ancient Roman villa with baths, and known for its mosaics depicting scenes with sea creatures drawn from mythology, preserved to this day.  Built on the remains of a Roman villa from the 2nd century AD, which there are parts in the basement of the farmhouse.  The thermal baths with cisterns and the extraordinary “marine” themed mosaics, with creatures and monsters engaged in a festive procession, date back to the Roman period.


    You will have the opportunity , to have an excellent drink, listen to good music and above all be together in one of the most beautiful historic Villas of the Eternal City. Taking us back to the Roman period.


    When: Saturday June 19th @20:00 till midnight. *Rome Expats* group is booking a table in the same area and arriving at 20:00.  Reservations are required.

    Where: Villa of the Mosaics on via appia Antica 55

    Entrance: 20€ (inclusive something to bite and a drink) The bar will be open for more drinks.


    Reservations required: email or send a whatsapp to +39 3386771753 ( Entrance list name #RomeExpats)



    🎧 Ethan Heich (Ibiza Global)
    🎧 Nadir & Friends