Carnival festivals in Italy – Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday

Posted on January 8th, 2018

by Expats living in Rome

Carnival in Italy 2018Venice Carnival, Jan 27 – Feb 8 – A world-famous folkloric event that is filled with all sorts of public and private events with people coming decked out in full costume and masks. (MORE HERE)


Carnevale, Viarreggio, Jan 27 –  Feb  17th  – This is Italy’s equivalent to the Macy’s parade in NYC. Along with all the famous  floats  is  the  Masked Carnival and countless other parties, events, balls, and festivities.  (MORE HERE   or HERE)


Ivrea Carnival, Feb 8-13 – During the parade, besides enjoying beautiful costumes inspired by 19th century local tradition, visitors can experience the Battle of the Oranges, between people on the carts and the public. The public can throw oranges at the people on the carts, who represent the feudal  lord’s army.


Fiera di Santi Faustinus e Giovita, Brescia, Feb 15th –  Time to start planning this year’s travels Expect lots of music, street vendors, great food, and amazing fireworks to top off the night. The entire centro storico of Brescia is transformed into a fair featuring all sorts of different foods
and arts and crafts, as well as entertainment galore. 


Carnevale Storico, Ronciglione, Feb 19, 23, 25-28 -The Ronciglione Carnival is among the oldest in Central Italy. The big event is the “Barbari Race”, a jockey-less horse race in which horses gallop the streets of Ronciglione on their own. Also on offer is the “Corsa di Gala,  a  parade  of  allegorical floats,  prepared by the city’s master artisans and surrounded by masks and local bands. There are events for kids, night activities for adults, and all sorts of other entertainment leading up to the big event on Martedi Grasso  (Fat Tuesday) on Feb 28.  For more info  visit

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