Running and Walking Tours in Rome

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  • ArcheoRunning want to entice more people to play sports and at the same time, to unveil unusual places, or places that are habitually experienced “absent-mindedly” in Rome. The added value is professionalism that guarantee a complete experience, in every aspect.


    Who it is for: Everyone! We’re confident that art and culture can reach all age groups.


    What we offer: running tours, fitwalking tours or walking tours. Our primary goal is to make the city known in a completely new way, through gentle exercise.


    Take a look at the examples of tours organized by ArcheoRunning:


    Roman Holiday

    ArcheoRunning tours romeA classic private film tour in Rome!Taking as a starting point one of the most beautiful films of the 50s, in which Rome had its golden moment, ArcheoRunning offers you the Roman Holiday walking tour.


    Through our usual quick stroll, we will visit the following sites: Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Pantheon, Piazza Venezia, Theater of Marcellus, the Mouth of Truth. This Oscar-winning film was a real showcase of Rome.

    Angels and demons

    ArcheoRunning tours romeAn intriguing journey through the places made famous by Dan Brown’s best seller, telling the fantasy and esoteric storytelling that envelop the places and monuments of the Eternal City and which have always been a attraction for tourists and fans of art, history and culture. The itinerary takes place in the heart of the city among squares, monuments and palaces that acquire an even greater charm in the night light of the Eternal City between fantasy and esotericism. We will visit the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Via del Governo Vecchio, and end with Castel Sant’Angelo.


    The Aqueduct Park RunningTour takes you to the discovery of the Parco degli Acquedotti – one of the most evocative parks in Rome – which stands within the Appia Antica Regional Park in a green area of 240 hectares where you can admire seven of the grandiose Roman aqueducts that supplied the city .


    Anyone can participate, even novices. It is not a race, but a way to have fun practicing sport and culture, in full ArcheoRunning style.