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  • The Marino Consultancy Firm specializes in tax and accounting services to support expats. The firm is managed by Raffaele Marino, Chartered Accountant Specialized in international taxation. Raffaele Marino is also Managing Partner of Tysma Lems BV of Rotterdam, an international tax company, and he is a member of the CFE Tax Advisers Europe, an association that brings together tax consultants specialized in international taxation.


    Raffaele Marino, after earning a degree in Economics, Finance and Business Law with honors from the La Sapienza University of Rome, I qualified for the profession of Chartered Accountant.

    In addition to providing tax, accounting and corporate consulting services, I specialize in international taxation and e-commerce, two subjects that go hand in hand in the era of globalization.


    In addition to managing my professional studio, I collaborate with Tysma Lems B.V. international tax consultancy company based in Rotterdam (Holland), supporting Italian clients in matters relating to international taxation.


    I am also a member of the CFE Tax Advisers Europe register, an association representing European tax advisors founded in 1959.


    Vision of the Marino Consultancy Firm: The Marino Consultancy Firm aims to provide specialized consultancy services with high added value to a selected clientele. Alongside the traditional accounting and tax services, ongoing consultancy is provided, aimed at identifying the best and most consistent solutions to customer expectations from time to time.


    Mission of the Marino Consulting Firm: Every entrepreneur and professional has their own needs. The firm identifies these needs, placing itself as a strategic partner of the entrepreneur / professional, supporting him and guiding him, with its advice, in long-term strategic choices.


    Values ​​of the Marino Consulting Firm: Clarity and transparency are the values ​​underlying the consulting activity carried out by the Firm. Professional relationships with its customers are marked at all times, right from the initial stages, by these values, which facilitate the establishment of long-term relationships of trust and high added value.



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    Dr. Raffaele Marino, Studio di Consulenza Marino

    Address: Via Carso, 3 Barletta (BT)

    Phone/Whatsapp: +39 328 88 60 857



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