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  • Expats Living in Rome in collaboration with United Nations HR specialists, consultants and recruiters invite you to join us for tips for getting a job at the UN. This meeting is completely free and only online.


    This event is full and can be watched on our facebook page or here:

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    Tips from Judit Toth: After interviewing hundreds of candidates at the UN, I can give the following tips for anyone who is about to interview for a job at the UN:


    1️⃣ Look at the vacancy announcement and the competencies listed there. Most likely the questions will reflect the job description and the competencies required.


    2️⃣ Preparing is key. Rehearse what you will say. Prepare a strong introduction on why you are a good candidate, and what makes you interested in the job. Interviewers love to hear your personal motivation and not a recitation of your CV.


    3️⃣ Keep eye contact and look professional, even on online video interviews. Talk slowly and be concise in your answer, and try to structure it.


    4️⃣ Be honest and be yourself. Try to bring real past experiences, as made up stories are usually not as convincing. Don’t be afraid to be you, and show your true personality. If you don’t know the answer, say it, and try to look for something similar. We are not looking for the perfect answer, we are looking to see your past experiences and your behavior in challenging situations.


    5️⃣ Don’t be too general in your answer. Try to be specific, and answer straight to the point, focusing on your contributions. Don’t forget to tell us the results.