Remember to be safe in Rome and even walking with your bag on your shoulder can be an invite for thieves to grab your bag and run!!


112 NUE – Emergency Telephone Number
Traffic wardens 0667691
Finance Police 117
Central Police Station 0646861
Lost property on bus or tram 06 67693214

Lost or Stolen Passport

Everyone know how bad the theft in Rome is with gypsies pickpocketing you. constantly watching over our bag on public transport. We recommend you take a copy of your passport and keep it in a safe place. Losing anything isn’t fun and losing your passport will cost you time and money. Don’t ruin your holiday just keep it safe where you are staying and carry a copy. Obtaining an emergency travel document can take several days.  You may need to obtain a police report, get new passport photos, but first contact your Embassy. If you lost more than your passport, call your credit cards first numbers below; and then report your passport.


The card should be immediately blocked by telephoning:


  • Bancomat: tel. 800822056
  • American Express: tel. 0672282
  • Diner’s Club: tel. 800864064
  • Cartasì Mastercard Visa: tel. 800151616
  • Cariplo Cartamoneta (Mastercard Visa): tel. 800825099
  • Bank Americard (Mastercard Visa): tel. 800821001

Contact info

Piazza Trilussa, 4, 00188 Roma RM
+39 338 677 1753