Coronavirus: Wednesday, March 11th update

Posted on March 11th, 2020

by Expats living in Rome

Coronavirus, more than 2 thousand more sick, 1045 healed. Self-certification even if you walk out.


There are 10,590 Covid19 patients overall: 5,838 those hospitalized with symptoms, and 3,724 are in home isolation, Coronavirus Italy March 11 Wednesday, more than 2 thousand more sick, 1045 healed. Self-certification even if you walk out.while the healed are 1045 in total, of which 41 today. In the daily bulletin, the commissioner for the Coronavirus emergency, Angelo Borrelli, then specified that the number of sick people increased by 2,076 units compared to yesterday (Tuesday, March 10th), while the total number of infected people – including victims and those recovered – reached 12,462. The victims are a total of 827: compared to yesterday there are 196 more, but this number, specified the head of the Civil Protection Borrelli, can only be confirmed after the Istituto Superiore di Sanità has established the actual cause of the death.


Borrelli was then lapidary on the rules to be observed to avoid contagion: “The advice is always the same,
go out for what is strictly necessary and indispensable and whoever goes out on foot must also carry self-certification”.


On the day in which the WHO declared that a coronavirus was a pandemic, Borrelli stressed “We said that Lombardy’s data was partial and today we have numbers that make it possible for the data to appear as a large number, but in reality the growth today is in the trend of the past few days “, in practice, among the infections 600 are sick whose data were not included yesterday.


And again with regard to the WHO decision, the director of the ISS infectious diseases department, Giovanni Rezza, commented: “We have to do what we are doing, the pandemic does not change much. It is an invitation to the states members to intervene much, much more restrictively” than has been done so far.


The 12462 total cases are divided as follows: 7280 Lombardy, 1739 Emilia Romagna, 1023 Veneto, 501, Piedmont, 479 Marche. And again: 320 Tuscany, 194 Liguria, 154 Campania, 150 Lazio, 126 Friuli Venezia Giulia, 77 Puglia and Trento province, 75 Bolzano province, 83 Sicily, 46 Umbria, 38 Abruzzo, 37 Sardinia, 20 Aosta Valley, 19 Calabria , 16 Molise and 8 Basilicata.


ICU patients are 1,028, 151 more compared to yesterday. Giovanni Rezza, director of the ISS Department of Infectious Diseases, said that “looking at the entire genome of the virus, only small mutations are seen. Unlike what has been written, it has not become more aggressive”.


Containment measures

Meanwhile, measures to contain the coronavirus infection have been tightened with Italy declared a “protected area”, but it seems not enough. Lombardy wants to move to a next step: close offices and stop buses and metro. The idea is to leave only grocery stores and pharmacies open, close bars and restaurants and stop production. And Conte is thinking about it: “Explain the details to me.”


In this regard, Borrelli said that the generalized closure is to be evaluated, but that at the moment there are no decisions on the matter because the indications of the scientific committee have not changed. And always on the use of the army to enforce the decided measures he said: “I believe there must be respect for voluntary precautions and prescriptions. There is control, but I want to remind that there must be behavior responsible by each of us. ”


And while Milan is preparing for the total block of activities, the Lombardy model could be extended to all of Italy. In Campania the region closes barber shops, hairdressers, beauty centers. In Emilia also closed markets, ice cream shops and piadinerias.


Meanwhile Piedmont is ready to close. Governor Alberto Cirio said so: “If the government decides that Lombardy will take this step – he said – I believe that Piedmont will also have to be included in some way”.


















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