Driving in Italy: all you need to know about using your driving licence and when it is time to change it for Italian one

Posted on May 26th, 2019

by Expats living in Rome

R-home Relocation & Services explains in this post the most important things you need to know as an expat when using your driving licence in Italy.

The holders of a driving licence issued by a state of the EU are allowed to drive in Italy using their valid national driving licence, without the obligation to convert it one year after the acquisition of the residence in Italy.

However, if the license has no validity limits, it must be converted two years after the acquisition of the residence.  In any case it is recommended to request the conversion in order to facilitate any renewal procedures or duplicate license.  The licenses for which the conversion is not provided, however, follow the Italian regulations regarding the renewal and possible sanctions.

If you have a European driving license obtained as a replacement for a driving license issued by a non-EU country and you wish to move to another EU country, remember that it does not mean that the latter recognizes your converted license. Each EU country is free to decide whether to do it or not.

You must inquire with the local authorities of your new country to know what are the conditions for the recognition of driving licenses issued by non-EU countries.  The European driving license issued to replace your driving license obtained in a non-EU country must contain a code indicating the country in which the release was originally issued.

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The holders of a driving licence issued by an extra European Union country may drive in Italy using their valid license accompanied by a sworn translation up to one year from the acquisition of residence. To drive in Italy, furthermore, it is necessary to get an international driving Permit or a sworn translation of the licence.

At the conclusion of the first year it is mandatory to convert the licence, which is possible only if there are a reciprocal agreement between the State issuing the driving licence and Italy. (Check the list here:

If your country is not on the list, after one year of being a resident in Italy, you will need to take the Italian driving test. Unfortunately, this is only available in Italian, French or German. Anyway it is possible to buy a textbook translated in: Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, French, English, Russian, Romanian or Spanish.

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