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“Link” electric scooters: 10€ discount for Rome expats!

Posted on April 13th, 2021

by Expats living in Rome


LINK is the innovative sharing electric scooter service launched in 2020 and designed by Superpedestrian, a leading micromobility tech company founded in 2013 by MIT in Boston (Massachussets Institute of Technology). LINK is the first company in the world in its field with completely vertical integration: from the design, to the production of the vehicle, up to the management of all operations.

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It is a product that is the result of years of research and test drives. No detail has been left to chance: design, software, technology and comfort have been studied and perfected over time. Today LINK is the safest, most durable and sophisticated sharing electric scooter in the world.

LINK after the boom in Rome you can now find “LINK’ in 30 cities

Car, public transport, bike: what to choose? On short to medium journeys in the city the answer is a scooter: the smallest, most flexible and agile vehicle that is in high demand during the pandemic.

But what is the secret of such success? It is simply called “security”. Designed in collaboration with MIT n Boston, the scooter that makes you dream of driving a Volvo, it’s a combination of technology and safety. Their recurring number of Link statistics in circulation in 12 cities around the world is zero: zero serious injuries on board; zero vehicle recalls or manufacturing defects and zero cases of excess or shortage of load capacity.

The secret of such efficiency is hidden under the platform that houses the computer that regulates all the functions, almost as if it were a Formula 1: if the scooter enters a prohibited area, (such as a pedestrian zone or a sidewalk) it clicks in a second the Geofence system that stops the vehicle. And always under the platform there is the efficiency control system that controls unlocking with the app, the autonomy control, communicates with the control unit for availability in all areas, controls the route and all the functions.


"Link" electric scooters: 10€ discount for Rome expats! 1But is it really useful to move with a scooter? The rental cost is decidedly democratic and the images of the managers running around the city are not only the result of marketing. Lightness and flexibility have transformed it into a strategic pivot of the modal split: the trend that will assert itself in the coming years is that of the so-called mixed use. For those who do not live in the central areas, movement by car, metro or bus and either by foot or LINK to get to  your destination.

Looking to buy a used one? Will be hard to find a second-hand market does not exist. Link scooters last 5 years and can then be recycled. Better to rent, just enough to get around.

What LINK wants to offer to the members of Expats living in Rome

Several totally free promocodes during the year with the pure scope to be grateful to the community and Patrizia Di Gregorio the founder for all the support given to the people that are arriving in Rome.


How to get your Free promo codes: Download the LINK Sharing Monopattini app and signup, go in the wallet area, enter the code ROM5189 and enjoy Rome on scooter! Promocode for 10€ and share it with your  friends.


"Link" electric scooters: 10€ discount for Rome expats! 2








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