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Posted on April 15th, 2019

by Expats living in Rome

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Little Genius International® is a learning ecosystem that extends the processing capabilities of the mind of the child through distributed cognition (augmented learning) and co-design.

The high quality education delivered in Little Genius emphasizes and encourages critical analysis, creative thinking, opportunity and freedom of thought, starting or improving knowledge of the English language from the age of two. The school adopts the ICE methodology, "Infinite Child Evolution "®, a system of teaching and learning that goes beyond traditional methods of education that can also be adopted by other schools at minimal costs. ICE® makes young people competent and aware for a positive impact on society in all sectors, forming better skills on innovation and English in the Industry 4.0 era, and in the social field, forming conscious people with a vision ethical and sustainable world. An "Education 4.0".

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Last but not least, Little Genius, besides being recognized among the 10 best BCorp-company’s that excel on the environmental and social-global level and the best Italian in 2017 and for the second consecutive year in 2018, is committed to support some startups including the Israeli Keepers, smartphone application to combat cyberbullying among young people, and Verso Technologies, a ring to command devices through gestures, with which launched a project of research and development for the paperless class and for wearable input devices that allow children to interact with computers, consoles, tablets and potentially every IoT apparatus in the three dimensions, without mortifying the psychomotor skills, so delicate in the age of development.

Enrollments for Little Genius International® are already open. To access the classes a limited number of what is considered one of the best schools in Europe and one of the best Benefit Corporation in the world, pre-registration is required, by filling in the online form

Little Genius International® offers free co-working space to parents with children enrolled in the school. See more at





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