Rome openings update: Starbucks, Bitcoin café, Apple, Five guys

Posted on September 25th, 2020

by Expats living in Rome

Finally Starbucks in Rome to open in Piazza San Silvestro

It was suppose to be in via Leone IV, in place of the former historic Maraldi bookshop, right in front of the perennial line of the Vatican Museums. Then they talked about Termini station, where the international scope would have justified the brand so global.

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And instead Starbucks will open in Piazza San Silvestro, the square, behind Via del Corso, restored and pedestrianized a few years ago. The store will be built inside Palazzo Marignoli, the same as the Apple Store that is about to also arrive.

The inauguration was in a few months, it seemed all done and instead Covid blocked everything, as well as other brands that were coning to the capital, Five Guys has not yet opened and Pescaria few days ago.

Who will open first? Starbucks or Apple? In any case, in a few months that corner of Rome will totally change its look, inserting two super brands that on the one hand will give Rome the most beautiful Apple Store in Europe, on the other a new space for “The” relaxation break, without having to go to Manhattan to take a geotag selfie.


The first Bitcoin Café in Europe opens in Rome

bitcoin Store Downtown Disney in rome 5 unusual places to see wanted in rome romeingIt seems yesterday that there were liras and the day before yesterday there were sestertius (an ancient Roman coin), and instead now in Rome you can pay for a coffee in Bitcoin.

“We wanted to take a traditional environment, like a bar to bring people closer to this innovation” says Antonello Cugusi, founder of Coinbar, the new bar that has been open for a few days in via Barberini.

In the bar you can pay in Bitcoin or in traditional currency, it is a full-fledged coffee, suitable for a quick and frugal break. The design is minimal and elegant, inside the bar you can talk to economic consultants who explain how digital currencies work.


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