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Super green pass enforced in Italy on December 6th

Posted on November 24th, 2021

by Expat Living in Rome

Super green pass in white zone till the 15th of January. Mandatory green pass also on public transport. More stress on No vax and masks out doors even in white zones.

Green light  from the Cdm to the decree for the Super Green pass, which will also be  reinforced in the white zone from 6 December to 15 January.  New measures on the No vax, with the obligation to show the Green pass on public transport. The obligation to wear an outdoor mask will start in the yellow area and no exceptions will be made for those vaccinated or recovered from Covid. In the white zone the Super Green Pass should only be operational during the Christmas holidays, while it will always be in affect for  yellow and orange (and red).


What you should know about the new Dpcm

- “Super green pass" in affect from 6/12: it can only be obtained with vaccination or recovered from covid;
- Green pass is valid for 9 months instead of 12;
- from 6/12/2021 to 15/1/2022 transitional rules for each colored areas will apply;
- the "basic" green pass will be mandatory from 6/12 also for: hotels, changing rooms for sporting activities, regional rail transport and local public transport;
-  access to shows, sporting events, indoor bars and restaurants, parties and discos, public ceremonies will be allowed in the white and yellow zones only to those that  have a "Super green pass";
- compulsory vaccination extended to health administrative staff, teachers and school administrative staff, military, police forces, public aid from 15/12;
-  mandatory recall for health professions from 15/12;

Rules that have not changed:

-  masks are not mandatory outdoors in the white zone and mandatory outdoors and indoors in the yellow, orange and red zones. Always mandatory in all areas and carry it with you at all times and wear it in case of potential gatherings or crowds;
- the types and duration of covid tests remain unchanged.

NO CLOSURES – The closures of activities in the regions in the yellow or orange zone will no longer be triggered, but access will be limited to Super Green pass holders only, so those not vaccinated or cured from Covid will be limited in access to the bar, restaurant or in gym and will also have limitations in moving. The goal – government sources explain – is to keep activities open as much as possible. 

Translated from il messaggero original article in Italian


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