Workaway: Great for working and learning languages in Italy

Posted on May 20th, 2019

by Marco Chinico

Workaway: Great for working and learning languages in Italy 1YOU love traveling. Do you want to discover new places across the World? How many foreign languages do you know? Is working with a family, seeing a new country, learning the local language, your dream?

Workaway Association could be the right way to do it! You might have the possibility to have free hospitality by someone or a family, located in the US, South of America, Australia or New Zealand, UK or in the rest of Europe even Asia.

It is possible, if you open a personal account,  filling out your information, and after, you have to pay an annual fee, which gives you the opportunity to contact all subscribed hosts and start your search.  Don’t wait any longer; the research could start, now! America, Asia, Australia or Europe; where do you want to go? What do you would do? Cleaning homes, baby or dog-sitter, building houses, horticulture, shopping or teaching your mother tongue. Many ideas right? Your future experience abroad could be unforgettable.

Foreign people who come to Italy or Rome could do it by Workaway.  An Italian family or anyone, young or older who lives alone, could give them free and comfortable hospitality, the possibility to do a real-life experience, working and learning the Italian language. Knowing and learning about art, culture, visiting all based museums and cooking traditional Roman meals,  like Carbonara or Amatriciana Spaghetti, Gricia (White Amatriciana without tomato), Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe (Italian Pasta with cheese and black pepper), Abbacchio, the typical local meat, Carciofi Alla Giudia, Coda Alla Vaccinara, Pagliata and Trippa Alla Romana. Eating all of these, a pleasure!

Jean-Paul and Martine; Swiss nationals, they both lived this experience and know it very well. They saw Rome in 2007,  but came here without any Organization; booking the travel alone. “Pretty, fantastic, many interesting things to discover and learn, great food.  Rome, a historic town to be discovered”, they said about the Eternal City. Jean-Paul and Martine live in Palezieux: 18 kilometers before Lausanne, the idyllic Swiss town. Palezieux Gare and Palezieux Village. Another example of a pretty place you can visit by Workaway Association. Jean-Paul and Martine are subscribed, as hosts, to the same association.

In Palezieux Gare, where they live, few meters from the station the “Ducret Flowers” company is there. Since 1943, the company of Jean Paul, his brother Roland and also his wife Martine, today. A family who loves nature, green plants, all kind of flowers and all that of been biological. Horticulture, working on the garden in the morning, cutting or cleaning it, putting new seeds in the ground and taking care of all house pets: dog, parrots, and little birds. All kinds of daily work that many volunteers might do; it happens if you come in Switzerland and taking the hospitality by Jean-Paul and Martine. Husband and wife, retired from their professional career, both love biological, ecological and green life. Working at their home, you also might discover the real meaning of doing a building and creative work: all possibilities that give you an extraordinary experience and beautiful moments.

The significant advantage of working away.

By Marco Chinicò

Workaway: Great for working and learning languages in Italy 2






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