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Christmas and New Years Dpcm: News everyone is waiting for!

Posted on December 2nd, 2020

by Expats living in Rome

Dpcm Christmas and New Year: Romans and non-Romans waiting for news on moving to other regions or towards the closure of the municipalities.

Rome and all of Lazio are anxiously awaiting the government’s decisions regarding Christmas and New Year’s. Many off-site workers and those that live in the capital, waiting patiently to understand if or when they will be able to leave the city and travel to see friends and family and hug their loved ones again.

Romans who have second homes in the nearby regions of Abruzzo, Tuscany, Umbria, Marche and Campania. Hoteliers and restaurants who are waiting for the new Decree to understand if it will be open for business or just an empty Christmas.

According to the latest rumors, however, they are moving towards a hard line that would result in a ban on leaving your municipality for Christmas and New Year’s.

With the new Dpcm we must continue with clear and rigorous measures. We must limit travel and reduce contacts. The upcoming holidays must be faced with extreme seriousness if we do not want new and heavy closures between January and February”, said the minister of Salute Roberto Speranza, illustrating in the Senate the draft of the new Dpcm that Prime Minister Conte is preparing to sign.

From the 25 and 26 December and on 1 January: Stop moving!

The stop could be valid from 25 and 26 December and on 1 January. From 21 December, however, travel between yellow regions will be allowed only to return to one’s place of residence.

Without substantial movement restrictions, a substantial change in habits and strict compliance with safety rules, and coexistence with the virus until the vaccine is doomed to failure. That’s why with the next Dpcm we must continue with clear and rigorous measures,” he says. Speranza.

Time limits

The “fixed points on which the system will move”, according to the Minister of Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia, are two: “Time limits and limitation of mobility between Regions”. That is, curfew at 10pm and a ban on moving even between yellow areas. Restaurants may always remain open for lunch, even on Christmas, Santa Stefano/Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve, in the yellow zones. On December 31, to avoid parties, those inside the hotels may have to close at 6pm.

Shopping hours

Shops close at 9 pm (in Lazio this is already the case) and stop moving from December 21st, to travel between the Regions to reach second homes. Also from the 21st, movements between yellow regions could be allowed only to return to one’s place of residence, with a provision that should be extended to the places of residence. The closure of the ski resorts has been confirmed. These are the hypotheses. The Romans were waiting for.

Translated from RomaToday (original language Italian)


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