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Coronavirus: new restrictions in Italy (15 January 2021)

Posted on January 16th, 2021

by Expats living in Rome

The ski lifts are closed until February 15, gyms, swimming pools and cinemas until March 5, museums can open from Monday to Friday but only in the yellow band, food and drinks can only be purchased in bars until 6pm: the government confirms the tightening in the new Dpcm approved to stop the infections from Covid-19 in force since January 16. And set the calendar of prohibitions. It maintains the system of dividing Italy by color bands and pending monitoring this morning confirms that the high-risk regions will automatically go to orange. Reiterates the curfew from 10pm to 5am and the obligation to wear a mask outdoors and indoors. “The signals coming from other European states are not good. We expect a higher Rt, it could reach 1.10, last week it was 1.03 », warns Health Minister Roberto Speranza.

State of emergency extended

The government has also extended the Covid-19 state of emergency until at least April 30th, the health minister announced on Wednesday. The state of emergency does not determine the rules.

However, it allows the govenment to bypass red tape, speeding up the response to the changing coronavirus situation by passing new rules under emergency decrees.

Orange and red
According to the latest data, from Monday 18 January the orange band could be Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Lazio, Liguria, Lombardy, Marche, Piedmont, the autonomous province of Bolzano, the autonomous province of Trento, Puglia, Umbria and Veneto. On the other hand, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna and Calabria are poised towards the red. Tuscany, Molise and Campania could remain in yellow.
Prohibition of take-out
In the orange or red regions bars and restaurants remain closed, in the yellow ones they will be able to open until 6pm, always with the rule of maximum four people at the table. Home delivery is always allowed after 6pm, but take-away will be prohibited for bars. A decisive measure to avoid gatherings in front of the premises. “Catering in hotels and other receptive structures is allowed without time limits, limited to its customers, who are accommodated there”.
New white band

Italy is adding an extra tier to its system of varying restrictions: white, reserved for parts of the country where the coronavirus risk is lowest.

In regions with “type 1 scenario and low risk level, where in the relative territory there is a weekly incidence of infections, for three consecutive weeks, less than 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants” the white band is triggered and all activities can be opened .

These areas will be exempt from the restrictions in place in yellow, orange or red zones, including the curfew and 6pm closing time for bars and restaurants.

So far, none of Italy’s 20 regions currently meet the criteria, going by the latest health data; the region that comes closest is Tuscany, where the rate of incidence is still around three times higher than it would need to be.

Gyms and swimming pools
The ban on opening gyms and swimming pools has been extended until March 5, but next week the CTS could approve the new guidelines proposed by the Ministry of Sport and authorize at least individual lessons.
Regional borders

The borders cannot be crossed even if the regions are in the yellow band. According to the new provision, “until February 15, 2021 any movement in and out between the territories of different regions or autonomous provinces is prohibited, except for movements motivated by proven work needs or situations of necessity or for health reasons. In any case, it is possible to return to one’s residence, domicile or home ».

There remains the exception on “travel from municipalities with a population not exceeding 5,000 inhabitants and for a distance not exceeding 30 kilometers from the relative borders, with the exclusion in any case of travel to provincial capitals”.

Visits for two
The government has inserted the rule on visits to friends and relatives which risks arousing controversy as it limits meetings in private homes. In fact, it decides that even in the regions in the yellow band “the movement towards a single inhabited private house is allowed, within the regional territory, once a day, in a period of time between 5 and 22, and within the limits of two people further than those already living there, in addition to minors under the age of 14 over whom such persons exercise parental authority and disabled or non self-sufficient persons living together “.
Museums and cinemas
The museums and exhibitions are open in yellow zones “from Monday to Friday with the exception of public holidays” and with limited admissions. Cinemas and theaters are still closed.
Ski lifts
The reopening of the ski lifts initially scheduled for January 18th has been postponed. In the new Dpcm it is written that “starting from February 15, 2021, the lifts are open to amateur skiers”, but “specific guidelines by the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces” will have to be developed. by the Technical-Scientific Committee, aimed at avoiding aggregations of people and, in general, gatherings “.
Residency permits extended

Good news if your permesso di soggiorno was due to expire by April 30th: it will be automatically extended until May 20th, giving you a few extra weeks to go to your local police headquarters to renew it.

Elections postponed

The deadlines to hold any upcoming special parliamentary elections and municipal elections have been pushed back to May 20th.


Source: www.thelocal.it



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