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Coronavirus Italy | New DPCM starting November 6

Posted on November 4th, 2020

by Expats living in Rome

The new Dpcm was signed overnight by the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, and the government’s institutional website made available the official text. The measures in the new Dpcm will be valid from Friday 6 November until Thursday 3 December.

Among the main innovations is the national curfew from 10pm and the imposition of mini-lockdowns within the red zones. The Regions of Italy, in fact, are divided into three different areas: red zone, orange zone and yellow zone, according to the degree of risk and therefore to the situations relating to infections and the state of the hospital structures, based on the Rt index and to 21 other criteria. Each area has its own restrictive measures.

The Council of Ministers is already working on an economic measure – the second Ristori decree – with aid and compensation for the companies affected by the measures in force next month. To this end, € 2 billion will be allocated.

Here is the text of the Dpcm in force since November 5, published on the official website of the Government.

According to the text of the new Dpcm, the following is established:

National curfew from 10pm

The institution of a nationwide curfew is underway from 10 pm until 5 am. During this time slot throughout Italy it is forbidden to leave your home except for work or health reasons. In any case, it is strongly recommended to everyone, throughout the day, not to travel by public or private means of transport, except for work, study, health reasons or situations of necessity. or to carry out activities or use unsuspended services. ”

In the streets and squares where gathering situations can be created, closures may be arranged for the whole day or certain time slots (you can still enter shops and private homes).

The rules and the Regions in the red areas

Lombardy, Piedmont, Calabria, South Tyrol, Valle d’Aosta, Campania (still inbetween).

Within the red zone, which brings with it the most restrictive measures, the following should be included:

movement into and out of the territories, even within them, is prohibited, except for proven work needs, situations of necessity or health reasons, distance learning from the seventh grade, closed restaurants, bars, pastry shops, and all shops that do not sell essential goods, ok to catering with home delivery and take-away (the latter until 10 pm, the time when the curfew starts).

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There remains the prohibition to consume near the venue or inside it, food stores opened in service areas along motorways, airports and hospitals, open industries, kindergartens, elementary and middle schools, open pharmacies, tobacco shops, supermarkets, food shops, hairdressers, barbers, beauticians, bookstores.

The rules and the Regions in the orange areas

Puglia, Sicily, Liguria, Veneto.

The envisaged measures should be the following:

Restaurants, ice cream and pastry shops are open, open hairdressers and beauty centers, travel to a municipality other than that of residence or domicile is prohibited, except for proven reasons related to study, work and health.

The rules and the Regions in the yellow zones

All the Regions not previously mentioned should belong to the yellow zone, those with moderate risk.

In summary, all the other restrictive measures envisaged by the new Dpcm include:

distance learning at 100% in all high school classes, maximum capacity of 50% on public transport (metro, bus, regional trains), closure of shopping centers on weekends and on days before holidays and holidays, closed museums, exhibitions, bingo halls, stop on cruises, open parks and villas with the obligation to maintain social distancing of at least one meter. Mass allowed in compliance with the maximum capacity of a church.

What closes with the new November Dpcm

For the entire national territory, the new Dpcm 5 November provides:

· closure of shopping centers on holidays and the day before holidays, with the exception of tobacco shops, newsstands, pharmacies, parapharmacies and personal and home hygiene shops inside;
· closure of betting and video game zones, wherever they are located;
· closure of museums and exhibitions;
· closure of bars and restaurants for table service from 6pm; until 10 pm only take-out and home delivery are allowed (Sign up for Uber eats with this link and get €10 discount on your first order once your enter the promo code: eats-w4zqg3!);
· reduction of up to 50% of the capacity on local public transport;
· limits to travel to and from regions with high risk (except for proven reasons for work, study, health and situations of need);
· limits on the movement of people in the late evening (curfew at 10pm), except for work, study, health and necessities
100% distance learning for secondary schools.

Coronavirus Italy | New DPCM starting November 6 1


Coronavirus Italy | New DPCM starting November 6 2

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