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Expats taxes in Italy 2021

Posted on May 1st, 2021

by Expats living in Rome

What is “Cassetto Fiscale” The “Cassetto fiscale” (tax drawer) is the service that allows you to consult your tax information, such as:

  Personal data
◊  Tax return data
  Refund data
◊  Data of payments made using model F24 and F23
  Register documents (balance sheet data)
  Data and information relating to sector studies and summary indicators of fiscal reliability (Isa)
◊  Information on your membership status in Vies.

How to access the service: To access the tax drawer, you must be registered with the Fisconline / Entratel telematic services of the Revenue Agency or have a SPID identity. The service is active every day, with the exception of a daily window for system maintenance, from 5.00 to 6.00.

VAT holders:  The holders of a VAT number can also generate a two-dimensional bar code (QR-Code) which contains the data relating to their VAT number and the telematic address possibly chosen for the receipt of electronic invoices: a “business card” to be print or show on smartphone, tablet or other device.

How to delegate an intermediary: The taxpayer can delegate the consultation of his tax drawer to the intermediaries referred to in art. 3, paragraph 3, of the Presidential Decree 322/1998, up to a maximum of two, in the following ways:

◊  Online, using the appropriate functionality, available for users registered with telematic services in the Fisconline / Entratel reserved area.
  In the office, presenting the proxy - pdf signed to any office of the Revenue Agency.
◊  By delivering the signed proxy - pdf, together with a copy of an identity document, to the intermediary, who will transmit the data to the Revenue Agency. The taxpayer will receive an activation code at his tax domicile to be delivered to the intermediary. In case of non-delivery of the activation code, after 15 days from the sending of the data by the professional, the delegator may request the activation of the delegation at a territorial office of the Agency, declaring the non-receipt of the activation code.

The taxpayer can revoke the proxy – pdf conferred, always in the same way.

Intermediaries authorized for the Entratel service can consult the data relating to their customers by signing a specific Regulation – pdf which governs the methods of using the service. The request for compliance with the regulation and the communication of data relating to the proxies of its customers must be made through the specific functions available in the Entratel service.

The taxpayer who does not intend to go personally to the office can be represented by a person in charge according to the provisions of article 63 of the Presidential Decree n. 600/1973.

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