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How this Expat deals with isolation during the pandemic in Italy!

Posted on January 10th, 2021

by Expats living in Rome

How this Expat deals with isolation during the pandemic in Italy! 1We asked Patrizia Di Gregorio the founder if she can add some humor and tell us how she really feels about this covid19 situation and if she has a message for the Expats’ community!

So she starts “A message to the community?” “Yeah great!” Let them know we are deeply sorry that their bucket list are empty and that we are all on a “DREAM VACATION” and not to think of it as a nightmare. Be positive and find something online or outdoors to do.  The cost of living is going down, you can now get that rental you couldn’t afford. That is good news.

She continues with “Shit I don’t know,  I am sure we all feel the same right? We are all living with these uncertain times and it’s not easy. Lucky we are in Italy.  Could be a worse situation.  You want funny?  Nothings funny right now guys!  I am worried for myself and really the world”.

Anyone that knows you, knows you are social butterfly! How are you dealing with the Isolation?

I am doing ok! Sad and lonely like everyone else. But most of us already are away from friends and family so that part is not hard to do! I hear from some that are not doing well mentally. I have my ups and downs too. It’s a mind game right now. Keep yourself busy and stay sane.

Listen guys! I have been separated from my family and friends for 20 years since my deportation so it’s not really fair to ask me. I didn’t wake up one day and move! I was forced to live here. Isolation or separation same thing, I lived this before you experienced it. I also know expats from other countries that can NOT go back home regardless of a pandemic. Part of me likes the fact that others know how that feels now.  Immigration laws separate families, it doesn’t feel so good does it?

Since Patrizia’s interview in late 2018 where she is on hey sal podcast (watch here) where she talks about her deportation and her struggles on arrival. Patrizia renewed her US Visa and was denied and currently fighting another battle. She does not believe she will see her children, grandchildren and family till 2024. Yes! Mamma Expat is also  known as Nonnabella and plays fortnite with her precious 5-year old grandson Sj. Unfortunately she hasn’t met the newborn “Miles” yet.

How this Expat deals with isolation during the pandemic in Italy! 2

What about Meet & Greet? I think we will meet again in April/May 2021 and hope sooner. In the last 20 years Expats Living in Rome has been successful with +80 members forced you to make friends… ha ha .. we focused on making friends and networking. From what I seen happen in June to October  when we were meeting again on our covid19 summer break, people were desperate to meet again.  We we were back in full swing in no time. We need the meetups more now than before. We are organizing language exchange and quiz nights online for now.

What advice can you give those that are feeling lonely? Stay out the fridge, learn something new, keep yourself especially your mind busy.  Have an urge to travel? Move from the living room to the kitchen. Yes! The kitchen our favorite place to be when bored lonely or hungry!  In my case I go to check if the light works, lol! Really, I take a minute to say thank god I have a home, food and wifi! Count your blessing not your problems. That is how I get through it.

How this Expat deals with isolation during the pandemic in Italy! 3

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