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Lazio is in red zone from Monday 15 March

Posted on March 13th, 2021

by Expats living in Rome

The new anti-Covid restrictions will be valid from March 15th to April 6th. What changes with respect to the yellow zone and how is the red zone different from the lockdown a year ago? All about travel, schools, economic activities, parks and sports activities.


It will happen from Monday 15 March and even the citizens of Rome, for the first time (if you ignore the brief Christmas break), will have to deal with the limitations imposed by the toughest band of the restrictions organized by the government to stem contagions from Covid. Restrictions that, with the arrival of Draghi (the PM) and with the two dpcm of yesterday and March 2, are even more severe. For examples, kindergartens and schools, beauty centers and hairdressers, are closed, but which previously could also remain open in the red zone.



All movements are forbidden even within one’s own municipality and in other regions. Instead, it is allowed to move only for work, necessity or urgent reasons. It is always possible to return to one’s residence. To move around, you need a self-certification to take with you filled in or to fill in if you are stopped at a control.


Kindergartens, schools and universities

In the red zone, all educational activities are suspended, including educational services for children or nursery schools which will therefore be closed from Monday. The didactic activities are carried out exclusively in Dad (online). There remains the possibility of carrying out some activities in the presence for pupils with disabilities and special educational needs. According to the dpcm each university can identify didactic or curricular activities that can be carried out in person. All activities possibly planned in the presence must be carried out in compliance with the protocols.


Walks and sports

Can I at least go out for a walk? We remember the nightmare of a year ago when with the lockdown you could not even go out for a walk. In the red zone, walks are allowed as long as they are close to home and with a mask. Sports activity allowed but alone.

Gyms, swimming pools, swimming and wellness centers and spas are suspended, except for essential assistance services for rehabilitation or therapeutic activities and for the training of athletes, professionals and non-professionals, who must participate in competitions and events recognized of national importance.


Are the parks open?

Public access to parks, villas and public gardens is subject to strict compliance with the ban on gathering as well as the interpersonal safety distance of at least one meter.



In the red zone all commercial activities are closed, including barbers and hairdressers. Excluding food and basic necessities shops. Access is limited to one member per family. Markets are also open only for the sale of food, agricultural and nursery products. Newsstands, tobacconists, pharmacies and parapharmacies remain open.


Closed bars and restaurants

This weekend will be the last lunch weekend allowed in restaurants. In the red zone, no restaurant and no bar. Only take-away until 10 pm and home delivery are allowed without restrictions.


Second houses

It is possible to “return” to one’s residence without any limitations with respect to the so-called “second homes”. Therefore, precisely because it is a limited possibility to “return”, it is possible to reach second homes, even in another Region or Autonomous Province (and also from or to the “orange” or “red” areas), only in those who can prove that they have actually been entitled to go to the same property before the entry into force of the Decree-Law on January 14, 2021, n. 2. The house of destination must not be inhabited by people not belonging to the family unit cohabiting with the entitled person.


Easter in Rome and throughout Italy

The whole Italy will also be in the red zone for Easter. The government has in fact launched the Covid decree with the strict and new rules and restrictions for citizens. For the Easter holidays, from 3 to 5 April, the measures for the red zone will apply throughout the national territory.


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