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Do as the Romans do: Agrotourism vacation in the time of a pandemic

Posted on June 29th, 2020

by Expats living in Rome

There’s a new trend in Rome for day trips, overnight stays and vacations this summer season: Turismo Verde.  Green Tourism has already seen an uprise in recent years as more and more of us strive harder to reduce our carbon footprint, yet the Romans seem to have a real appetite for it in a mid-pandemic summer season where the possibility of vacation and travel once looked bleak. 

In the two weeks following lockdown, a surge of reservations in green tourism farms were seen throughout the Lazio region.  The pattern continues as the Romans enjoy an extended weekend today, marking the celebration of Saint Peter and Paul, with a feast  of the patrons of Rome.  According to Turismo Verde- CIA, the agricultural promotion association for Italian farmers, another swell in reservations suggest at least 40,000 Romans will choose to feast at a local farm, where meals can be consumed in an outdoor, open-air venue. 

Green Agrotourism The Roman's choice for summer 2020 vacation
Green Tourism: The Romans choice for agrotourism in Summer 2020
Green Tourism: The Romans choice for agrotourism in Summer 2020

Why Turismo Verde?

Green or Agro-tourism was already rising in popularity in Italy, with a strong appeal to foreign travellers who desired to learn the art of preparing Italian meals, from the grass roots to the table.  Italians value the farming tourism industry for its cultural preservation qualities, an extension of Italy’s slow food movement.   

Green Tourism: The Romans choice for agrotourism in Summer 2020

It is no surprise that there are an estimated 1,300 green tourism farms in the Lazio region alone.  With lots of fresh air, open space to social distance and outdoor dining facilities, it is this season’s choice of vacationers who are consciously looking for a safe summer getaway.  With an average cost of 55 euros per night, green tourism farms are also an economical option for all seeking to spend less this year.  Giving the regional economy a boost, supporting the agro-tourism industry and eating fresh food with good wine…. we ask...why not Turismo Verde?

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